NFL considering tweak to allow teams more time to complete a trade during draft

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The NFL is moving forward with this month’s draft and that has teams working to come up with the best way to operate amid the regulations enacted in many places to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The war rooms usually in use won’t be open, but the league announced Tuesday that teams will be able to have a group of less than 10 people gathered in a room during the draft as long as they maintain social distancing. They also said they’re discussing another change that reflects possible difficulties in completing trades during the draft.

NFL vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said the league is considering allowing teams more time to complete a deal while they are on the clock. Vincent suggested it would be a one-time exemption available to each team.

There are going to be a lot of other deviations from the normal draft procedures and there will likely be plenty of people watching when they start to unfold on April 23.

9 responses to “NFL considering tweak to allow teams more time to complete a trade during draft

  1. Lame. Whole point is that you have that clock to complete a trade for better or worse. That’s why it’s compelling, it shows who can make good decisions under pressure. This is like reviewing every play. Why give a coach challenges if you are going to do his job for him?

  2. 95% of the trade details are worked out prior to being on the clock. Why allot more time, that’s just rewarding poor planning. With cell phones and the internet why must people be in the same room to communicate? They can all be in their offices/dens/bedrooms in their PJ’s and still do everything necessary.

  3. They were already doing this remotely. It wasn’t the people in the venue doing the deal it was the GM and staff in their respective war rooms back home doing the deal over the phone. Also what is the “one time exemption” mean? A team working a deal can request extra time? What if a team uses it just to delay their decision, or hope someone comes to them because they give the impression a deal is in the works? This will be exploited. Also it means more minutes listening to analysts tell us who they think the pick will be and why it is a good/bad choice.

  4. Good ! Give them more time. Sudden things pop up during a draft. A player falls who you never thought would be there and all the sudden a bunch of teams are calling you offering different packages for your pick. You need time to go through the best deals. Not to mention if a team wants to include a player in a trade package you need to find out that players medical history to make sure you are not getting damaged goods. Why does everyone want the draft to go faster? I hate what they did cutting the time of each pick down for the sake of TV. 10 minutes for the first round I’m ok with. But the later rounds are cut too short.

  5. I like it. They should stretch out the TV time as much as possible. I’m starving for sports, and nothing is more exciting (for me) than draft day(s). Also, it’s not going to be nearly as easy to make a trade, so they’ll definitely need more time.

  6. It’s 2020, not 1970. If you can’t figure out technology and roll in real time, then it looks like you won’t be making a trade. Now, don’t get me wrong, I will be watching damn near every second of the draft, at least through Saturday, but I might have way too many beverages if they don’t get rolling with those picks!

  7. Given that some war room staff will be working remotely, giving teams more time makes sense.

    I’d prefer to see them doing virtual war rooms. Obviously that’s not the ideal situation, but there’s a lot of offices having to cope with the same restrictions.

  8. Rather see 7-8 minute first round so we get more action, less talking heads BS.
    Then, give us 3 min round 2 immediately after round one, on the same night. We’re starved for more.
    Lastly, never ever have Booger seen or heard.

  9. It won’t matter to teams like the Jets you could give them a month and they’d still find a way to mess it up

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