Patriots center David Andrews ready to return from blood clots

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Patriots center David Andrews didn’t realize how much danger he was in last offseason.

And it took a doctor telling him he had more pressing issues than  walking his dogs for him to understand that.

Via, Andrews said in an interview with Rusty Mansell of that it took him some time to realize the gravity of the blood clots in his lungs that cost him his 2019 season.

“I had been dealing with some chest pains and troubling breathing, started coughing blood the first day we reported to training camp actually,” Andrews said. “All of this was partly my fault, just being dumb and pushing through it. I thought I was sick and I really did not feel like myself. It was not like I was having a bad camp. I just was not having a consistent camp. . . .

“Specialist comes out and says I have blood clots, I had no idea what that meant. I told the doctor I needed to get back home to let my dogs out, and from that point on, I knew it was serious. They would not let me leave and I spent five nights there. My first call was to my dog walker, actually. . . . I really had no idea how dangerous it was.”

Andrews ended up on injured reserve, but was still around the team all season, going through meetings which allowed him to feel like part of things.

“I got to be a part of the team, got to watch film with the guys,” Andrews said. “I got to lead a pass rushing meeting each week. I was still a captain and got to attend those meetings. I got to spend more time with my wife. It has been a different year. I am ready to get back.”

The Patriots will need him, particularly in  light of the mass exodus of veteran free agents. Among that group was center Ted Karras, who filled in for him last year, so his spot is open if he can return.

6 responses to “Patriots center David Andrews ready to return from blood clots

  1. Yeah kids, if you got blood clotting up your lungs, it’s actually quite serious – deadly serious.

  2. He was a big loss last year for sure, but Karras did a nice job on the other side. But, no one is really this guy. Probably the best Center in football.

    With Thuney’s deal and Andrews up, BB could have a lot of money invested into the interior, or he drafts another interior lineman here in the draft. The cap space opening up in 2021 will probably be going to a guy like this, JC Jackson, etc.

    BB’s knack for scoring UDFAs and just making them into Pro Bowl level players is the stuff of legend.

    I am still laughing at that Bills fan just yesterday claiming BB is overrated as a GM. One of the funniest things I’ve ever read on the interwebs.

    Or, really any back end draft pick. Brady, converting Edelman, Malcolm Butler, the list goes on and on and on and on through the years.

    All hail the greatest GM and Coach in sports history and congrats to the best Center in football for being able to return.

    Man, the Pats O Line is a beaute, arguably the best NE ever had. Hopefully, Cajuste can play as it sounds like he’s ready to go and be coached up to be the Swing Tackle. Froholdt looks more like a pure Guard to me without Center skills, but we’ll see.

  3. Good news for both DA and the team. It’s about time there was a bright spot to the impending season (if it happens)

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