Phillip Dorsett looking forward to playing with Russell Wilson

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Exactly when Phillip Dorsett will be able to get on a football field with Russell Wilson remains unclear due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Dorsett is eager for the chance to work with his new quarterback in Seattle.

Dorsett signed a one-year deal with the Seahawks last week to join Wilson’s receiving corps alongside fellow receivers Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf.

I just felt like it was the best fit for me with the head coach, the quarterback, the receivers, the scheme,” Dorsett said on Sports Radio 950 KJR.

Dorsett has familiarity with offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and senior offensive assistant coach Sanjay Lal from his time with the Indianapolis Colts as well. Schottenhimer was the quarterbacks coach in Indianapolis in 2016-17 and Lal was the wide receivers coach in 2017 prior to Dorsett’s trade to the Patriots right before the start of the regular season.

Dorsett said he receivers calls from both Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll recruiting him to sign with the team. Since doing so, Dorsett said he’s watched numerous Seahawks games from last year. It’s left him that much more excited to work with Wilson and his new teammates.

“I personally believe he’s the best deep ball thrower in the NFL,” Dorsett said of Wilson. “You can see it week in and week out with DK and Tyler. I’ve been sitting back, taking advantage of the NFL Game Pass (being) free so I’ve just been watching games and you can see it every possession.

“His deep ball ability and then the way he plays. You can just see it. He’s a magician. I feel like honestly he doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves. He’s a great quarterback and the way he does what he does under the center back there is amazing. He’s a magician. He’s Houdini and he can make every throw. It’s a blessing that I get to play with him and I can’t wait to get there and work him.”

4 responses to “Phillip Dorsett looking forward to playing with Russell Wilson

  1. Russell’s been underestimated and never given the credit he deserved his whole playing career. All you have to do is watch a game and see. Dorsett is correct!

  2. Prob one head knock from retirement but $1m (just $137k guaranteed) for a #3WR is no risk.

  3. Dorsett’s 2019 was a strange story. He started the year as a preferred target. By the mid season he was no targeted. By the end of the season he barely saw the field.

    IMO anyone not giving RW his dues is not watching the NFL. He’s amazing.

    -PATs fan

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