Rich McKay: Not focusing on anything beyond 2020 NFL Draft

Getty Images

The NFL did everything possible yesterday to project normal, by saying the plan was to still play a full season, in front of full stadiums, on time.

The reality of life in the time of coronavirus is that any plan beyond the immediate is really just a wish.

Falcons team president and Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay told Jeff Schultz of that his focus was only on preparing for the 2020 NFL Draft, because that’s the thing that’s on the schedule next.

“We’ve talked about it internally, and what we’ve said is we should focus on the draft because we know that’s what’s on the schedule coming up,” McKay said. “Beyond that, let’s wait and see what changes. In the first week, when we closed the offices, people were saying, ‘I can’t believe you closed your offices,’ and three days later everybody’s office was closed. For me to get into the discussion of ‘What will this mean for the offseason; what will this mean for training camp; what does it mean potentially for the season?’ — we haven’t spent any time on it.

“We’ve spent time on the draft. Today, one of our meetings was just spent with the IT people to understand how we would be connected during the draft and communicate. I’m not going to get caught up in the speculation about what happens after the draft.”

That might seem like a lot of words to say “we don’t know yet,” but that’s the reality the NFL is faced with at the moment. With projections changing on an hourly basis, NFL teams are left to focus on what’s right in front of them.

Which is far different from normal.