Steelers may be adding more former XFL players

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The Steelers have been active when it comes to adding former XFL players to the roster this month and they may be making more additions in the future.

The team has signed five players from the league, which shut down five games into its inaugural season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s more than any other NFL team and General Manager Kevin Colbert said during a Tuesday conference call that they may be bringing more in as they work with less information about incoming college players this offseason.

“We still have [a] few more in the works,” Colbert said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “It was good that those players were made available to us. Going through the draft as we are with some limited information, that could curtail some college free agents that we are able to sign. Knowing these players a little bit better, we feel it was important to add as many as we could who could help us in terms of being competitive players for training camp.”

The Steelers have signed defensive lineman Cavon Walker, offensive lineman Jarron Jones, safety Tyree Kinnel, long snapper/linebacker Christian Kuntz and defensive end Dewayne Hendrix.

It’s not the first time the Steelers have been aggressive about adding players from the XFL. They signed quarterback Tommy Maddox in 2001 after he was the MVP of the only season of the league’s first iteration and he went on to start 32 games for the team.

6 responses to “Steelers may be adding more former XFL players

  1. And Maddox had a 72.4 pass rating, and at Steelers was sub-500 in wins despite a #1 rank D.

  2. Shock, considering the number of restructuring contracts they are juggling just to get Bud Dupree back on the roster at the franchise tag number. Furthermore, they are going to have to resign him and that number will be close to whatever that franchise number is. Big Ben better ball out otherwise that contract is just a stone around their necks.

  3. streetyson says:
    April 1, 2020 at 8:33 am
    And Maddox had a 72.4 pass rating, and at Steelers was sub-500 in wins despite a #1 rank D.


    Dark days for Steelers QBs. Not just Maddox, bad-to-mediocre QBing for a several years (excluding 1-2 decent seasons from Kordell Stewart). I’d forgotten that Maddox was once a 1st round pick by the Broncos intended to be Elway’s potential heir apparent. That one didn’t pan out.

    Doubt you’ll see many starting QBs coming out of the XFL anytime soon, but camp bodies? Can’t hurt.

  4. Steelers have a lot of top-heavy contracts, and this is an attempt at adding depth. They typically add a ton of futures contract around this time of year with the same intent.

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