Will “small war rooms” for draft mesh with stay-at-home orders?

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For the draft, the NFL has decided to allow “small war rooms” of up to 10 people. In many states, that  practice may defy pending “stay at home” orders.

Unless the NFL is able to finagle for the teams in the various states that require citizens to shelter in place a draft-day dispensation, anyone leaving home to join NFL draft activities could be violating applicable mandates.

Ultimately, the “stay at home orders” for each state would have to be studied. Many states permit leaving home for only a narrow band of “essential” activities like buying groceries or medication or getting gasoline. Whether a draft-weekend gathering that could arguably be accomplished via FaceTime, Zoom, or other technologies is “essential” could be, in many states, a stretch.

And if only one state in which an NFL team is located prevents executives and coaches from gathering in “small” draft war rooms, the league arguably should ban the practice for all teams, in order to ensure a level playing field. The desire for consistency among all franchises, for example, prompted Commissioner Roger Goodell’s directive last week to close all facilities, given that in some states team employees weren’t permitted to show up for work.

21 responses to “Will “small war rooms” for draft mesh with stay-at-home orders?

  1. Not sure about anyone else; and I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I’m looking forward to this type of draft. I’m not a fan of the theoretics the draft includes along with the super bowl.

  2. Everything will work out fine as all NFL teams have some very intelligent individuals in their organizations. The smart don’t always surface on the football side of the building, but don’t let that fool you.

  3. I love it. Just like it used to be in the 80’s and 90’s with the old helmet phones on the table. 👍

  4. Stay at home it’s time for Roger to follow the rules because he want everyone to follow his

  5. There shouldn’t be any in-person gatherings. They can talk all they need to virtually. Don’t see why they are even considering this.

  6. My kid had a study group on Teams with 90 other high schoolers. My nephew had his 21st birthday on Hangouts with 50 friends and family across the country. The technology exists. Use it.

  7. LA shut down construction on the Rams stadium. I’d find it hard to believe they’d consider the Rams war room an essential activity. Also, I think a 10 person gather would violate California state law right now.

  8. You better make sure you know which Zoom session you’re on. You don’t want to think you’re talking to your scouts/assistants when in reality you’re talking to ESPN.

  9. Really all I think teams need is their HC, GM, OC, DC, maybe owner (some teams). Oh and some nerdy guy to make sure all the tech stuff works.

  10. I think it will be ok so long as they remember to wash their hands. For 20 seconds.

  11. It’s not just 10 people in a room, how do they even get there since they don’t live nearby? It involves a lot of travel for them and the people transporting them.

  12. The stay at home orders are per state and city, they are not a federal mandate so each situation is different t, you can meet with 10 people in Los Angles

  13. I am pretty sure New England will try and intercept live feeds of other teams communicating with their staffs through video conferencing.

    At this point it’s a given they will cheat at all costs.

  14. rams645 says:
    April 2, 2020 at 8:34 am
    The stay at home orders are per state and city, they are not a federal mandate so each situation is different t, you can meet with 10 people in Los Angles


    Completely agree. In my state, which is under a stay at home order, it makes any gathering over 10 illegal unless you are an essential business or have a family larger than 10. An NFL club may not be an essential business but as long as they stay under 10 they’re fine.

  15. Will Roger be announcing the 1st round picks ? I hope not.
    Let each teams GM announce it. They’ll have cameras set up at each teams war room.

  16. Once again, if they are allowing small war rooms and limited gatherings, why the hell not allow them to do so in their respective team facilities? Isn’t that safer than a brewery in New Orleans for example?

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