Broncos inform season-ticket holders of possibility of canceled games, games without fans

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Officially, the NFL plans to conduct a full season in full stadiums. The Broncos agree with that approach, informing season-ticket holders that the team is “preparing for the season and fully anticipate playing an uninterrupted schedule.”

But the Broncos, in that same message, have broached the possibility that games won’t be played, or that they’ll be played without fans present.

“If a game is canceled and cannot be rescheduled or is played under conditions that prohibit fans from attention, Season Ticket Members will receive a refund or account credit of the season ticket purchase price for any impacted games,” the team explains, via Mike Klis of

Although the NFL, as mentioned above, plans for a full season, the better position may be that the league is planning for all possibilities, and that it will have a plan for all potential scenarios. Although much can change in the next five months, few would express genuine confidence that the sports world will return to normal by then.

Hopefully it will (for reasons that extend far beyond sports), but for now it seems more than prudent to plan for more than one path.

4 responses to “Broncos inform season-ticket holders of possibility of canceled games, games without fans

  1. I’d say everything is up in the air at this point, so best to plant the seed now to give people have time to digest it.

  2. A. It’s pointless to cancel something 5 months away especially if the situation is unpredictable.
    B. Leaking any contingency plan would lead to headlines like: “NFL preparing to cancel season”. further demoralizing a public on edge.
    C. Striking a healthy balance between prudence and freedom is one of the main roles of the government and business right now. Unrest is beginning in Italy no one wants that here and if it happens POTUS will finally deserve some of the criticism he gets on the virus response.
    D. The Broncos were wise in issuing this guidance. People want to know they will be refunded in the event things ARE canceled before they purchase. Further, the NFL should force teams to adopt the Broncos’ policy. It’s just smart.

  3. The Broncos have more sense than league headquarters, whose top lawyer blithely stated that the league fully expects to start the season on time, with a full slate of games. This is the sensible approach, and I’m betting more teams are taking this approach, just not making it public.

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