CenturyLink Field Events Center being converted to Army field hospital


The Events Center connected to CenturyLink Field, the home of the Seattle Seahawks, is being converted into a 148-bed Army field hospital to help relieve some of the strain on the health system in the Seattle area created by the spread of the coronavirus.

Via Michael Crowe of KING5, the field hospital will be utilized to service patients not stricken by the COVID-19 infection. Instead, it will attend to patients dealing with other difficulties to allow local hospitals in the area more resources to handle virus patients.

“So the idea is once the medical system is overwhelmed that they’re able to offload patients here that we can take care of, while they focus on the COVID patients,” Lt. Colonel Jason Hughes said.

Out of the 148 beds, 48 will be set aside of intensive care needs with 100 beds for more intermediate cases.

The greater Seattle area was home to the first diagnosed cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States. The field hospital could open for use by next week.

The CenturyLink Events Center typically hosts Seahawks pregame activities as well as various trade shows throughout the year.

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