Eli Apple not signing with Raiders after all

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More than two weeks after reports surfaced that free agent cornerback Eli Apple was signing with the Raiders, it turns out that no deal was reached.

Apple and the Raiders were unable to finalize the agreement, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

It’s unclear what the issue was that prevented a deal from getting done. This year deals are taking longer to get finalized because the COVID-19 shutdown has made physical exams and face-to-face meetings more difficult.

The Giants selected Apple with the 10th overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft. He was traded to the Saints during the 2018 season. He started the first 15 games but missed the season finale and the playoffs with an ankle injury last year.

Apple was No. 62 on PFT’s Top 100 Free Agent list.

28 responses to “Eli Apple not signing with Raiders after all

  1. This has become a regular issue this year. This virus has turned the world on it’s head.

  2. I wasnt a fan of the news when this deal was announced. We got plenty of #2 and #3 quality CBs. What we needed was a legit #1 and missed out on all those guys.

    Raiders will probably go out and get Dre Kirkpatrick since he has familiarity with the defense and Guenther. Proven guy whos been solid in his time when healthy. Raiders need youth though, not another 30+ year old.

  3. delaney smith says:
    April 2, 2020 at 7:38 pm
    raiders got lucky, he can cover or tackle
    Eli got lucky. Btw, “he can cover or tackle”? Maybe “can’t”.

  4. He’s desperately holding oit for a call from the Bills that will never come, as he wants to be teammates with the superstar QB Josh Allen.
    No doubt

  5. It would have taken several injuries to DB’s for Apple to even make the roster. Probably better to bring in a camp body that actually has a shot at helping the team. Sometimes teams show fake interest in a guy just to do the kid or his agent a favor.

  6. Seems telling that the Saints traded draft capital, got almost no tangible result, and still don’t want him or don’t want to pay his asking price.

  7. Well, that put the Jimmy Graham off seasoning signing back to the #1 worst FA signing.

  8. No dog in this hunt, but I’ve never seen this guy play well. I’ve only see him get burned and beaten. Not even sure why he’s on the field.

  9. I can somewhat understand being on the fence about Apple, his stats/numbers are very good, but he has a penchant for his mistakes to be at the most crucial of times.. Choke artist extraordinaire!

  10. Thank you!

    This guy gets torched everywhere, I was surprised the Saints wanted him at all. They would have been better off trading for Jack Rabbit initially instead of trading for both of them.

  11. Jack Hammer says:
    April 2, 2020 at 7:33 pm
    Raiders finally catch a break.

    Eli must have been defending the break…

  12. “Apple was No. 62 on PFT’s Top 100 Free Agent list.”

    That is crazy high. You could have told me he missed making the Top 100 and I’d have totally believed it.

  13. I thought Apple played pretty well once he left NY. He wasn’t top tier but he was definitely serviceable.

  14. I’m a Saints fan and we gave up draft capital to get him and I cannot understand how Apple gets a 1 year-prove it contract with guaranteed dinero! So, the Raiders came to there senses.

    Injury set aside, you have all of the film on him you could possibly want or need to know he’s a make the final roster cut for slightly above vets minimum.

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