Report: Jaguars asking for first-rounder and more for Yannick Ngakoue

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Yannick Ngakoue has made it clear he wants out of Jacksonville. The Jaguars are looking to trade him. Multiple teams are interested in him.

Yet, a report from two weeks ago indicated there was no movement on a deal.

The reason? It’s going to be expensive in compensation both in a new deal for the pass rusher and in draft choice(s) in return for Ngakoue.

Jordan Raanan of ESPN reports that the Jaguars are beginning discussions for Ngakoue at a first-round pick and more.

The Jaguars’ patience in waiting for the right deal for Jalen Ramsey paid off, with the Rams giving up two first-round picks and a fourth-round choice.

Ngakoue already has said he won’t sign a long-term deal with the Jaguars and wants to continue his career elsewhere. The Jaguars are expected to give him what he wants but not at just any price.

14 responses to “Report: Jaguars asking for first-rounder and more for Yannick Ngakoue

  1. I’d give them 1st and 2nd, if he agreed to long term contract as part of the deal. If not; hunker down and get a shot at him next season.

  2. Other teams have seen how well that worked out for the Rams and keep in mind they were the only team to offer 2 1st rounders last year.

    It only takes one GM to panic and cave but Houston and LA Rams have already traded their 1st round picks for the next few years.

  3. Never been to Jacksonville, but it sounds like a place that needs help attracting residence. They should get an NFL Team.

  4. Philly lets go – There’s maybe one pass rusher other than Chase Young as good a Yanny in this draft and he wont be there at 21

  5. Look at what the seahawks gave up for clowney last year. The situation is almost identical, other than the fact that clowney wasn’t publicly saying he wouldn’t resign with his team. Teams don’t want to send a bunch of high picks for a player they would have to spend big money on. Yannick is a good not great player, but would still fetch almost 20 million a season. Teams don’t like spending a lot of money and high draft picks at the same time

  6. They are going to have to be very patient because unless Obrien needs a DE they won’t get anywhere close to a 1st and more.

  7. That’s seemingly laughable given Ngakoue has told the world he wants nothing more to do with the Jags which negates the majority of any leverage they might have in negotiations. Good luck woeful Jacksonville, you’d be lucky to get a fourth and a sixth-round pick for him from me.

  8. They are going to have to be very patient because unless Obrien needs a DE they won’t get anywhere close to a 1st and more.

    Except the Texans have traded away the picks that would be needed to swing a trade.

    Man I love BOB.

  9. They aren’t going to get a first-round pick and more for him. They’re going to need to drop their asking price or else find him walk away for nothing next year. They aren’t going to get as much as they got for Ramsey because Ramsey still had another year left on his contract. What will probably happen is Ngakoue will eventually sign the tender and the Jags will drag it out until mid-season and trade him for a 3rd round pick or less. That’s probably about the best they can hope to get.

  10. Caldwell is delusional if he thinks he can get anywhere near that much for Ngakoue. Frank Clark and Dee Ford both went for 2nd round picks last year, and Clowney went for a 3rd. He is a short, 1 dimensional pass rusher who gets tossed aside in the run game because of his lack of size. If Caldwell doesn’t stop messing around then at best he’ll get a 3rd round comp pick when Ngakoue leaves in free agency next year.

  11. I wasn’t aware that Jacksonville was still part of the NFL I thought they moved their entire franchise over to the XFL…Huh

  12. Ngakoue isn’t worth it because he can’t stop the run. Ask him about Derrick Henry when he almost broke his ankles trying to tackle him.

  13. Hope the Dolphins get him. I know the Dolphins have zero chance of winning with Flores who just led the Dolphins to their third worst season ever since the NFL, but at least this way I have some good players to play with on Madden 21.

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