Tua Tagovailoa had follow-up medical exam today

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Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa can’t visit NFL teams because of social distancing procedures, but he did have a physical exam today that NFL teams will be able to scrutinize.

According to NFL Media, Tagovailoa had a medical re-check similar to what players usually get if there are any questions remaining after their physical at the NFL Scouting Combine.

The doctor who conducted the physical was selected by NFL team physicians, according to the report.

Tagovailoa’s representatives described the results of the exam as “overwhelmingly positive,” although we wouldn’t expect anything else from a player’s representatives.

Despite his 2019 season ending with a serious hip injury, Tagovailoa says he’s healthy enough right now that he could play in a game today.

6 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa had follow-up medical exam today

  1. The doctor who conducted the physical was selected by NFL team physicians, according to the report.


    Dr. Turley, Tua here to see you.

  2. I don’t care how many physicals Tua gets. Nothing will change the fact that he’s got 2 surgically repaired ankles and a surgically repaired hip before the age of 22. I predict he won’t make it through his rookie deal without a devastating injury. Buyer Beware, especially if trading assets to move up in the draft for him.

  3. I’m interested to see what team wastes a draft pick and sets their team back 3-5 years picking him. Nothing against the guy, horrible luck. You don’t come back from this injury 100% though, you just don’t. Don’t care what level of athlete you are.

  4. If I’m a team looking for a possible franchise qb, I’m passing on Tua in the top ten not worth the risk. I would take a gamble on him at 21 or 22. Picking him that high and he fails can set your franchise back several years. I loved watching the guy in college but too many considerable injuries that scare me to death.

  5. Perhaps teams should hedge their bet like Washington did with RGIII and draft another solid quarterback to go with Tua. Then deploy Tua or the other quarterback like New Orleans does with Brees and Hill. If Tua outright wins the job and remains healthy, trade the other quarterback, if possible.

  6. Tua will be flashy and good for a bit, but I don’t see him having the longevity of Herbert or Love should they all perform well. If the Chargers take a QB, I hope it’s Herbet or Love (if they trade back).

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