2020 circumstances underscore value of working out at Scouting Combine

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The NFL, like the rest of the world, was thrown into a tizzy in March, after it became clear that the coronavirus would change dramatically our way of life. Some of the victims of these dramatically changed circumstances include players who chose to defer their pre-draft workouts from the Scouting Combine to their Pro Days.

Penn State’s Pro Day was scrapped by the pandemic, and coach James Franklin has suggested that the draft be delayed to give players like his own a better chance to be evaluated.

At least one high-level team executive isn’t shedding any tears.

“What [Franklin] should have said was, ‘We don’t have our Pro Day, and since we tell our guys to not work out at the Combine, because our track is faster, our guys haven’t worked out yet for NFL teams,'” the source said.

Added the source regarding Franklin: “I get his frustration, if you don’t hear [Ohio State coach] Ryan Day or [Michigan coach] Jim Harbaugh  or [Iowa coach] Kirk Ferentz saying same, because their guys work out at the Combine.  That’s what the Combine is for, actually.  It’s not to get free gear from every team.”

Although the 2020 circumstances were both extreme and unprecedented, the point is that players who choose not to work out at the Combine assume the risk that, for whatever reason, they may not be able to work out later. That’s precisely what happened this year, and no matter what Franklin or anyone else says the NFL won’t be delaying the draft.

6 responses to “2020 circumstances underscore value of working out at Scouting Combine

  1. But we should ignore the other 99.9% of the guys who in previous years have worked out on their own terms and benefited in the draft by putting up slightly better performances

  2. Players don’t move that much at combine or pro-days like the media wants to make you believe. From everything I have heard from scouts is that the medical evaluations are what they really care about. These drills don’t answer how someone plays football. Doesn’t really matter if a 6th round pick is a UDFA as most prefer that so they can choose the best place for them to try out.

  3. I was talking to a VP with a team yesterday. He’s on the financial side but the discussion was about the draft and pro days being scrapped, no players flying in to do team meetings, etc.

    I asked him if it was going to create problems. His response was that it didn’t matter. His team has had it’s draft board pretty much made up since last fall. The scouts like to talk to the players but they can do that on video or phone.

  4. Exactly – which is why NCAA players that commit crimes and certain other offenses deserve to be ineligible for the combine.

  5. 2020 circumstances underscore the value of Game tape!

    There’s NOTHING that running around in shorts and a tee with no defenders(better known as the Combine) can prove to anyone that isn’t already on the game tape, PERIOD!

  6. The press makes a huge deal of the combine because they need stuff to report on. But for the vast majority of guys it does nothing but tell the scouts what they already know. Every year you get one or two guys who hurt themselves dramatically with awful performances and one or two guys who help themselves a lot by looking incredible. But that’s like 4 guys in the entire combine. For the vast majority it’s just a big publicity event that doesn’t move them much in any direction.

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