Breshad Perriman: Finish to 2019 just a glimpse of what’s to come

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Newly signed Jets wide receiver Breshad Perriman held his first media session since joining the team on Friday and he said he believes he’s only started to scratch the surface of his potential.

Perriman was a disappointment in Baltimore after being taken in the first round of the 2015 draft and a change of scenery to Cleveland didn’t work out much better, but moving to Tampa last year seemed to agree with him. He settled in as the third receiver behind Mike Evans and Chris Godwin for much of the year and then took on a bigger role when they were hurt late in the season.

Perriman posted 25 catches, 506 yards and five touchdowns over the final five games of the season. Per multiple reporters, he called that a “tiny glimpse” of what’s to come and predicted that he is going to have a “season to remember” with the Jets.

Based on the current makeup of the receiving corps, Perriman should get the same kind of opportunities he saw down the stretch in Tampa. If he makes the most of them, it will be good news for Sam Darnold, the Jets and his chances of landing a bigger deal in 2021.

9 responses to “Breshad Perriman: Finish to 2019 just a glimpse of what’s to come

  1. He was a major disappointment in Baltimore. Some guys are late-bloomers… but that shouldn’t happen if you are a first round pick. There were injury concerns, followed by commitment concerns, all without much transparency from either side. I wish him the best.

  2. Oh, yeah! Breshad can’t wait til’ Week 13, so he can turn it on!! Just watch and learn, everyone.

  3. I don’t understand sometimes why athletes that get their footing leave that situation. I would think he’d want to stay in Tampa…

  4. We’ve seen almost busts break out later in their careers before. Not always, but it happens. When it does, it’s usually because of injuries or because a player was overdrafted due to his athletic ability and just never learned the technical aspects of the game (usually because their athleticism gave them natural advantages in college that they do not have in the NFL). So we’ve seen players drafted purely for their athleticism take a while to blossom in the NFL. Of course, we’ve seen them flame out, too.

    We have two prime examples, from Perriman’s own draft class and positional group in Kevin White and DeVante Parker. While Parker started a little slowly, he’s now become the Dolphins’ best reciever. White was injured throughout his career and could not break out when he was healthy. Which one will Perriman be? Next year will tell, but it will be a challenge to do so on a team without any other recieving threats on the outside and with a QB/protection scheme that ranked 34th in the league in terms of deep passing (the area that Perriman thrived in under Winston).

  5. thelocknload says:
    April 3, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Oh, yeah! Breshad can’t wait til’ Week 13, so he can turn it on!! Just watch and learn, everyone.

    Maybe he should go to Tenn and partner up with Henry, it takes him just as long to turn it on, Henry never does anything before week 10 to 12!

  6. I watch Breshad Perriman at UCF. I believe his QB was Blake Bortles. Perriman made a lot of clutch catches. I was surprise he didn’t make a bigger impact at Baltimore. As for Cleveland, that team is still fighting to find an identify. Tampa pick him up after that didn’t sign their slot receiver. Decided to play Godwin in the slot and Perriman outside. Perriman didn’t do much thanks to the excellent season the both Evans and Godwin were having. After Evans and Godwin got hurt, he truly showed the stuff he was capable of doing. He and Winston made a huge connection after that. Winston would put it up and Perriman would catch it. I would have loved for the Bucs to have resigned him. I’m sure Perriman didn’t want that title of being the ‘3rd reciever’. I may be disappointed, but I wish him nothing but success with the Jets.

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