Chris Godwin: I think No. 14 looks sweet

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If it was anybody else other than the greatest player of all time asking, it’s unlikely Chris Godwin would have given up No. 12.

But when it’s Tom Brady asking. . .

“Yeah, for me, I’ve worn No. 12 since I was in high school,” Godwin said in an interview with Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated. “I wore it in high school, college and my first three years in the pros. Just what I’ve been able to accomplish by wearing No. 12, each year kind of gained more and more significance for me. It kind of like became a part of my identity, something that people called me 12 or just CG 12 or some kind of combination of the two. It was something I really, really got attached to. As with any number, it’s the person that makes it. So I’m looking forward to my next journey in No. 14 and hopefully I get to wear No. 12 again later.”

The Buccaneers made it official earlier this week by announcing Brady will wear No. 12. Brady signed with the team last month.

During a conversation with Brady, Godwin did not ask for anything to change his number from 12 to 14.

“Honestly, it didn’t take too much. You know, we really just had a conversation,” Godwin said. “I kind of let him know how I felt about it, why it was important to me. I told him straight up, I was like, ‘Listen, I’m going to defer to you. If you really want the jersey, I’m cool with it. But obviously if not, then I’ll keep it.’ Then, we kind of talked through it, and he decided that he did want to keep it. For me, it was really just a respect thing. I have a ton of respect for Tom and everything he’s done, and I’m looking forward to creating great memories.”

Godwin and Mike Evans give Brady arguably the top receiver tandem in the NFL. Both receivers were Pro Bowl selections last season, combining for 153 receptions for 2,490 yards and 17 touchdowns.

Brady will wear 12; Evans wears 13 and Godwin picked 14 out of a list of available numbers sent to him by the Bucs’ equipment staff.

“I think 14 looks sweet,” Godwin said.

24 responses to “Chris Godwin: I think No. 14 looks sweet

  1. Did anyone expect less of Godwin? He’s stand up guy and will give Brady more than just a number.

  2. Once he realizes he gave up 12 to a guy who can’t throw downfield, 14 won’t look so good.

  3. Great move can’t wait to watch those 3 hook up all season, and in the Superbowl. Oh it’s gonna happen haters you’ll just have to deal with it

  4. Yeah, I knew we would immediately hear all about how much Brady should have compensated Godwin. This is a matter between the two of them. If they’re happy, and it sounds like they are, then it’s nobody else’s business.

  5. Godwin gets compensated in his next contract after playing with the GOAT.

    If they win a Super Bowl together, he really REALLY gets compensated.

  6. Only quarterbacks should have #12. Roger Staubach being the most popular. When did wide receivers start getting it?

  7. One of my favorite things about Chris Godwin is he is not a diva, just goes out there and performs… Evans is the same the way… please keep AB away, we don’t need any cancers in the locker room.

  8. patriotmaleorgy says:
    April 3, 2020 at 5:56 pm
    Once he realizes he gave up 12 to a guy who can’t throw downfield, 14 won’t look so good.


    its funny—that same guy must have been good enough at some point to cause you to lead this tortured existence where he controls your every thought.

    That’s what it looks like from here.

  9. If he didn’t give up the number, he could have counted on maybe 10 targets ……. all season!

  10. Haters act like Brady just took it from him, he’s not that type of guy anyone in the NFL that knows him will tell you. Godwin did good by deferring to him, and I’m sure Brady is gonna take care of Godwin, money isn’t an issue, and Godwin will gladly take some SB bling as compensation. Also remember Brady gave Malcolm Butler the SB MVP car, he takes care of his teammates.

  11. “..and hopefully I get to wear No. 12 again later.”

    Sorry Chris, but the Bucs may retire No. 12 after ya’ll Super Bowl win 🙂

  12. Players don’t own jersey numbers. And I wish they’d stop acting like it – they already get their name across the top and that’s all they should worry about.

  13. No doubt Godwin showed Tom respect but there is some fun compensation coming from Tom to Chris that won’t play out in the media. That’s how professionals get something like this done!

  14. Brady couldn’t have just taken 10? Gideon has that number almost his entire football career. Brady didn’t have 12 at Michigan, totally took advantage of Godwin’s super nice And polite personality.

  15. Number 14 looks sweet because you didn’t really have a choice now did you Chris. Play it off…it’s just a number.

  16. lewansfingermoustache says:
    April 4, 2020 at 8:11 am
    Nice of him to show no respect back to Godwin by saying he wants it.
    Nice of you to know what happened in private between Brady and Godwin. If Godwin isn’t upset, why are all you haters so wound up lol.

  17. I know it’s the craze the past 15 years or so with WRs using the teens as their number over the 80’s. I dont mind the craze but still dont like 12 being a WR number. Either way TB12 throwing to Evan’s and Godwin ect gives him his best WR corp he’s ever had. Look what he did with Moss…set records. He just might throw 50 TDs.

  18. If the experts don’t figure out this coronavirus so we can get up and running again, Brady will be at his designated retirement age before he even takes a snap in a real game.

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