EA Sports to create virtual meetings between Roger Goodell, drafted players

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The NFL Draft won’t be taking place as usual this year and among the many changes to the event is the absence of meetings between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and drafted players on the stage.

One of the league’s video game partners is working on a way to remedy that. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that EA Sports will create virtual interactions between Goodell and players who have been selected in the first round that will be shown as part of the draft broadcast.

Rapoport adds that the company will be asking players about how they would greet Goodell and mentions Danny Shelton‘s bear hug and Christian Wilkins‘ jumping shoulder bump as options that players can consider.

In addition to getting to see their avatars interact with Goodell, players will also get to choose a high school to receive a $2,500 grant for their football program as part of the event.

7 responses to “EA Sports to create virtual meetings between Roger Goodell, drafted players

  1. Nice but it would be much nicer if they also donated to the care of healthcare professionals fighting covid 19 & feeding the unemployed!

  2. Great! Now Goodell and the NFL can experience the same lag times those of us with high speed Internet have all experienced thanks to EA’s subpar Madden servers.

  3. EA Sports I’m sure will charge for additional avatars as additional downloadable content

  4. Because there are no already available proven virtual meeting tools out there? Imagine the hilarity if it doesn’t work.

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