Ty Law: Peyton Manning tried to get me drunk and talking about our defense

Getty Images

Peyton Manning never stopped looking for an edge, and one of his longtime rivals says that was particularly true over drinks.

Hall of Fame cornerback Ty Law said this week on WEEI that Manning used to buy him drinks in Hawaii when the two were at the Pro Bowl together, hoping to get Law tipsy enough that he’d reveal information about how the defense game planned for Manning.

“Peyton would try to get you,” Law said. “Once you get over to the Pro Bowl, you’re on the same team. Peyton tried to get you drunk and then try to dig into your brain: ‘What did you see? Why did you do this?’ He’d feed you these mai tais, then he’d butter you up and ask you, ‘What did you see?’ and this and that. I was like, Peyton, I ain’t falling for that s–t.”

Manning had a good reason to wonder what, exactly, Law was seeing when they played each other: Law faced Manning twice in the postseason and intercepted him a total of five times in those two playoff games.