Baseball may try to play in empty spring training locations

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Major League Baseball longs for the days (as do the rest of us) when its biggest problem was a cheating scandal that just wouldn’t go away. Baseball was caught flat-footed with the coronavirus pandemic during spring training, with its Opening Day just a couple of weeks away.

Baseball has a new plan for proceeding with Opening Day and all days after that. According to Ken Rosenthal of, MLB is considering starting the season at spring training locations in Florida or Arizona. Those locations have multiple parks in close proximity, and games would be played there without fans.

But, as Rosenthal notes, the powers-that-be realize that the notion of putting 30 baseball teams in one of those places and essentially quarantining them “would be extremely complex and potentially controversial.” But at least baseball is thinking and talking and working through the scenarios.

The NBA and the Premier League are considering similar approaches to finishing seasons that were interrupted by the pandemic. And, as we’ve explained, the NFL should at least consider this kind of approach as the worst-case plan for salvaging the 2020 season. Even if it ultimately wouldn’t work, the NFL needs to explore the possibility and all others thoroughly, the same way other leagues are doing.

And the NFL has something that baseball, basketball, and soccer don’t: The benefit of time. As other sports try to change a tire on a moving car, the NFL has weeks at its disposal to think creatively, to brainstorm, to ponder, to discuss, and to explore.

Here’s hoping that someone is doing that. Not after the draft has concluded, but right now.

8 responses to “Baseball may try to play in empty spring training locations

  1. Let’s say you isolate the players and you try playing the regular season.
    what happens if all of a sudden one of the players is diagnosed with covid?
    Do you scrap the season or do you continue playing knowing that players on both sides were exposed?
    let’s say you keep playing and then another player gets sick what then?
    Do you scrap the season or keep on playing?
    This has the makings of a very expensive PR disaster.

    for a true quarantine you cannot allow any outside contact and that includes family visits. No family visits for players or any staff members such as doctors or anyone else in the stadium.

  2. As someone here posted a while ago, if one guy associated with one team – a player, a coach, a trainer – tests positive, the entire thing is over.

    And since that seems like a very likely scenario, how much time and money does the league want to spend getting venues sorted and getting all the teams into position for what seems almost sure to be a failed effort?

  3. BB handled Gronk, Moss, Hernandez, Law, that big LB from Pittsburgh who made the best play in SB history, without missing a beat;

    Newton has been injured enough to want a Super Bowl ring and has been injured enough to know the need of a physical regimen;

    why wouldn’t this work?

  4. I miss baseball. At least the fan reaction to cheating in baseball is of disgust, which means the sport is in a good place. On the other hand you have the championship of football where the best player on the field gets held for 60 minutes along with the DE on the other side getting straight up tackled in the endzone (safety) along with guys jumping five yards offsides during the most critical part of the game….and the general reaction is good for them, wereally wanted tge chiefs to win anyway. SF has too many trophies anyway.

    The ends justify the means in football and its become a farce.

  5. spring training? seriously? How much practice do you REALLY need before the season that would make a difference? its baseball! just cancel it already…

  6. The casinos better be giving out a full refund once they reopen on preseason bets on who will win the World Series, NBA finals , etc.

  7. All of the above plans should be considered but the one elephant in the room that hadn’t even been mentioned is…what does the CDC and State Health Officials say can be done moving forward given the ongoing covid situation ? They have authority over all plans and considerations.

  8. Meh not really excited at the thought of watching empty stadium games for the NFL. The fan energy is too much a part of NFL games.

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