Could Bill Belichick and Cam Newton coexist?

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Cam Newton has faced Bill Belichick twice. Cam Newton has beaten Bill Belichick twice. Cam Newton is a free agent. But Bill Belichick has shown no inclination to adopt the manta, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

Scott Pioli, who won three Super Bowl rings setting the personnel table for Belichick in New England, believes Belichick and Newton would have a hard time coexisting.

“The Patriots thing is interesting because I’ve heard a lot of people talk about that,” Pioli said in an appearance with Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio. “And in my mind, having spent as much time with Bill as I did, I don’t see those two coexisting together. . . . The personalities and the beliefs of how the game should be played and is played . . .  it seems like oil and water. Now as soon as I say that, what’s gonna happen next week is they’ll probably sign him.

“But I just see them as being very different personalities and having very different approaches to the game. Bill understands — he believes in football more than entertainment. Cam believes that football and entertainment are almost equal partners. In which this day it is, but Bill has the soul of a football man and I couldn’t see that one working out too well. And if it did it would have to be for probably one season.”

It also would have to be a creative contract, given that the Patriots are currently strapped for cap space.

Through nearly two weeks of free agency, no team has been linked to Newton. The Chargers continue to be the no-brainer option. Other teams, like the Dolphins and Raiders, are intriguing. But given what mobile quarterbacks like Newton have done to Belichick over the years, it’s hard not to think that Belichick at least has pondered what his team’s offense would look like with Newton under center.

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  1. Hard to see that working out. Cam is going to be Cam and Bill is going to be irascible. Bill pointing out Cam’s mistakes in a team meeting would be the end of the line–although I’d love to be in the room.

  2. I was thinking about this last week, maybe he is just letting Newton and Winston sweat it out til he can get one of them to sign for peanuts. I really hope not though

  3. Stidham and a rebuilding year. Reinforce the team discipline that made you great–don’t go backwards now.

  4. They both hate the media. So at least they have that going for them.

    Otherwise, these two truly are oil and water. Bill owns 3 sweatshirts and sweat pants. Cam has small theater’s worth of cosplay attire. Bill thinks the team is greater than any single player. Because Cam is part running back, part tight end, part QB- he thinks -and kind of is- his own one man team. Bill wants you to “do your job”. Cam wants to do a three minute celebration dance after ever touch down.

    I actually like Cam but I would be stunned if he became a Patriot. As the game has evolved, I’ve often wondered what Bill would do with a mobile QB. The Ravens have proven that a smart coach and a re-designed playbook around a mobile QB can be a winning formula.

  5. STOP trying to sell some has been QB to the Patriots now that Brady is gone…. we ALREADY have our future face of the franchise on the team & he goes by the name of Jarrett……

  6. Good subject to talk about, but reality is determined by cap space. Stidham is in year two of a four year 3.15m deal. Hoyer at one year, 1.05m comes in if Stidham can’t handle it. Pat’s draft a rookie at the end of round 3. Welcome Nate Stanley or Jalen Hurts. That’s it folks, it’s going to be a dog fight for the AFC East. Bills look good, Dolphins will compete, and the Jet’s are the Jets.

  7. Unless it is a team friendly deal the Chargers should keep a good “social distance ” from Cam. No reason to bring in a qb that has struggle to stay healthy the past few years when your team has struggled to protect the qbs you do have over the last year.

  8. Who cares! Newton will never be on a Belichik team, maybe not even any team given his physical maladies.

  9. Would Hoody be intrigued by someone of Cam’s potential? Of course. But Cam also comes with health issues and a lot of potential headaches.
    Any deal would have to be team friendly, extremely, both in cap cost to keep or to cut and short term. Otherwise, Hoody won’t give it a second thought…he understands how this (NFL in the cap era) needs to work.

  10. Newton at this point just needs to hope for an injury to a starter….this if nothing else should be making him realize he shouldnt have been asking for the 30 mill a year contract extension before the panthers cut him

  11. Absolutely not. BB would find himself in an asylum in mere weeks.

    I am laughing at people who who think Stidham is not the guy. As long as he doesn’t fall on his face, he’s the guy. Get over it already.

  12. ikeclanton says:
    April 4, 2020 at 10:04 am
    Stidham and a rebuilding year. Reinforce the team discipline that made you great–don’t go backwards now.

    62 2


    No rebuild needed. Loaded club as it was last year until Brady quit on the team when Brown was cut and Brady pouted to not be able to chase stats.

    Sitdham won’t behave that way and bring the team down like Brady just did.

    Slater, McCourty, Gilmore and White’s comments are still ringing loud and clear.

  13. Can’t believe some are calling Stidham the “face of the future” after a semi-decent preseason…just have to believe that there are going to be some very disappointed Pat*s fans if Stidham takes the field come September as the starter. NFL DC’s are going to eat him alive. Better hope that defense is good again.

  14. I think the cap space is the bigger problem. Cam wants to win more than anybody and I think he’d curtail some of the flamboyance if it meant he could have his best shot at a ring to put on his middle finger for David Tepper.

  15. If you really want the answer to this question, just google cam Newton press conference outfit, then select images. If that doesn’t tell you it will never happen, you clearly know nothing about Bill Belichick.

    As others have already mentioned…. The Patriots have their quarterback room the way they want it. I am pretty sure they like what they see in Stidham and he he fails completely, Hoyer will take over.

  16. Cam’s done at least as a starter. The Broncos broke him and he has not been the same player.

  17. The first time Bill ripped Newton in a team meeting fragile ego Cam would implode

    No, they can’t coexist

  18. Let’s face it, for Cam to be even remotely successful it requires an offense suited to his abilities. Given his age and injury history who knows what that would have to be. BB has never ran any offense that would have ever suited Cam so why in the world would they want him now–especially when he’s going to want $15M or more. Nobody is going to sign him unless he’s willing to play for just a few million. He’ll come to that realization soon enough.

  19. harshestreality says:
    April 4, 2020 at 11:57 am
    Can’t believe some are calling Stidham the “face of the future” after a semi-decent preseason…just have to believe that there are going to be some very disappointed Pat*s fans if Stidham takes the field come September as the starter. NFL DC’s are going to eat him alive. Better hope that defense is good again.

    8 5


    I don’t think Brady’s 2000 preseason records or JimmyG’s 2014 preseason records or when I saw Aaron Rodgers have that “it”, you want to see rookie qb have in the huddle, is “semi decent” when 90% of nfl teams struggle to identify a franchise qb so badly the last 20 years.


    Those qbs I named above, I walked away after watching them during their first snaps in the nfl saying the exact same thing. They all passed the eye test after step 1. Throw in BBs coaching, McDaniels helping like did with JimmyG as well, BBs daily teachings with Brady, JimmyG or now Stidham, and you’d be a fool 100x over to bet against what BB thinks, especially after 20 years of evidence.

    Why do you people openly think you know more than BB? Why do you show such arrogance and disrespect towards his value as GM and Coach?

    Why? Get those straight jackets fitted, as you will still need them.

  20. When the market goes one way, Bill goes the other. Lots of running QB offences . Because it’s in vogue, I definitely don’t see him going that way. As defended build to stop the running QB, the Pats will be different.

  21. Hell no. Newton is the biggest “look at me” player in the league. BB won’t tolerate that stuff.

  22. My prediction is Winston signs with the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan will be hurt by week 6 if there is a season. Newton signs with the LA Chargers.

  23. So, how many elite QB’s has BB and McDaniel developed? It isn’t like there is a long history of success there – Brissett will lose his job this year, Cassel out of the league as soon as he didn’t have an elite defense to support him, rumors of Jimmy G losing his job have already started, Ryan Mallet (yeah, right), and then the biggest mouth of all – Zolak – is now doing what he is best at, talking for a living. Keep dreaming about Stidham being the starter this year – they are definitely bringing someone in that someone else has already developed.

  24. It’s NEVER happening so forget about it…Bill is football and nothing but football, and Cam is all about Cam

  25. If he is healthy he could make many teams playoff contenders right away and take a good team and surprise a lot of people. He carried that offense in Carolina and outside of some stupid takes at the mic he hasn’t been a bad person at all. Lots of charity done in the area from him and he showed up personally. A lot of what I see being said about him is the same things he faced coming out of college and I think not based in knowing him.

  26. Bill’s first interview question: Why didn’t you jump on that loose ball in the Super Bowl?

  27. I can see this happening just to keep People from pigeonholing him on the type of players Belichek can win with. I really believe that Cam would come in, bust his tail in practice and fit in with the culture except on occasion and I a, certain Cam would tow the line enough to maybe even make Belichick smile a time or 2.

    Of course that’s just me,,, I could be wrong

  28. HAHAHA Who thinks this idiot could embrace the Patriot way? Not I. Changing the game…one missed game at a time.

  29. Imagine Bill’s face the first time Cam isn’t 110% prepared for the game yet it’s clear he spent considerable time picking out what he wore to/from the stadium. Or when they’re losing late and Cam goes full Superman mode over a meaningless touchdown.

  30. Season will be 10-12 games BEST case scenarios. Governors of NY, Ill, and Ca. all have stated there is a good chance season will NOT start on team in these states.

  31. Here’s what I put as a comment on FMIA when he was beating this same drum. It doesn’t make sense: Never understood the whole, “So and so played well against X team, therefore X should want him.” Just a variation of recency bias and of all people BB would be the most likely to recognize and reject recency bias.

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