Bill O’Brien: We wanted to keep D.J. Reader, couldn’t do it financially

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Texans head coach and General Manager Bill O’Brien said on a recent call with season ticket holders that the team’s decision to trade wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals was made for financial reasons and dollars and cents contributed to another big departure from Houston this offseason.

Defensive tackle D.J. Reader drew a lot of interest once he hit the open market and wound up signing a four-year, $53 million with the Bengals. O’Brien said the team spoke to Reader before he left, but that the Bengals’ offer was too rich for the Texans to match.

“I think we’ve done a great job with that of keeping guys on board,” O’Brien said, via the team’s website. “There are certain guys that we just we just couldn’t do it financially and we would have loved to keep on board. D.J. Reader — We would have loved to keep D.J. Reader. We had good conversations with him and his representatives, but at the end of the day, we couldn’t get that one done. So that’s going to happen every single year.”

The Texans signed defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan to a one-year deal after Reader left for Cincinnati and they’ll be hoping that the big difference in cost isn’t matched by a big difference in performance.

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  1. Medically, Jernigan is a huge risk. That’s why the Eagles went in another direction. His back could go at any time. He’s not going to dissapoint from a cost/production perspective as long as his back holds up, the question will be how long will that be?

  2. You couldn’t afford D.J. Reader, but you didn’t lock up Tunsil and he wants even more?

    Bill O’Brien threw away DeAndre Hopkins, Clowley, and Raeder, overpaid for Tunsil, brought in a broken down DB David Joshnson, and whatever else I missed.

    BOB has seriously harmed the franchise, setting it back a few years.
    If I were Deshaun Watson i wouldn’t be so quick to sign an extension. I’d play out my contract and leave.

  3. I can see it next year…. after getting a 3rd and 4th round pick along with Tryrod Taylor for Deshawn Watson Bill Obrien will say “we reallly want to keep him but it came down to money”

  4. Let’s be honest. There is zero reason for Watson to commit to Houston beyond his current contract. What has the team done to show Watson they are committed to competing and winning championships?

  5. Jernigan is another overrated Ozzie pick that never got the 1st rd pick contract you’d think one would get. It is why he was traded and why he remains overrated as a JAG.

  6. For real though, how is this guy still employed after the Hopkins and Tunsil trades?

  7. The league is littered with Pro Bowl players the Texans couldn’t figure out how to keep.
    Duane Brown, Brandon Brooks, Mathieu, etc. add them to the list others have started.

  8. Reader got four years for $53M from Cinicnnati. He only made $2M last year. His average salary at Cincinnati wil be $13.25M. Mr. Dummy traded Hopkins away and inexplicably took on David Johnson and his inflated salary ($11.25M this year). If he hadn’t taken Johnson and his contract he could have afforded to keep Reader. I guess since he can’t keep Reader that means he can’t afford to keep Tunsil either. This guy may be the worst GM in the league and that’s saying a lot when you consider the GM at Dallas.

  9. So happy the Dolphins dumped Tunsil (the often injured Penalty machine). The Texans are a very decent playoff team that is now strapped for cash over him. It is hard to stay at the top when you trade away 2 ones and a second AND be forced to cough up a big contract. Then make a bonehead move with Hopkins. I see trouble with the Titans and now the Colts. Too bad. O’Brien will be fired next year. Book it!

  10. Every time the Texans say they couldn’t afford a player, I remind myself they have the second most cap space in the league. Hey, mediocrity is affordable!

  11. Absolutely moronic dumb and dumb style trade!!! It’s like just when you thought BOB couldn’t get any dumber, he goes and does something like this…. Showing you to never underestimate just how stupid BOB can be.

  12. “We can’t afford some guys because we need to commit more to other guys who aren’t as good a players.” This should be put on a poster in O’Brien’s office

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