Chiefs’ Harrison Butker kicks 77-yard field goal on empty practice field

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Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker is able to practice his craft while practicing social distancing, and he posted an impressive video of a practice session.

Butker tweeted a video of himself on an empty football field, kicking a 77-yard field goal. Butker acknowledged that he had a strong wind at his back, but 77 yards is impressive if a tornado is carrying the ball.

The NFL record for the longest field goal is 64 yards, by Matt Prater in Denver in 2013. Kicking without anyone there attempting to block the field goal obviously makes it easier.

With sports fans desperate to watch some competition, perhaps several NFL kickers could go to vacant fields and record themselves kicking, to see which one can make the longest field goal.

13 responses to “Chiefs’ Harrison Butker kicks 77-yard field goal on empty practice field

  1. An F5 tornado has wind speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour.
    I think that could help even me kick a very long field goal.

  2. …with Tom Dempsey passing away,and Prater currently holding the longest FG record, I would love to see Harrison break it and own it in a epic game…just the way Tom did it!

  3. Seems like it is entirely possible that a kicker could shatter the current record based on what we commonly hear kickers make in practiceand warm ups.
    But game conditions where a coach is going to attempt a field goal longer than 60 yards or so are pretty scant.

  4. Lots of kickers have put kickoffs through the goalposts in Denver. So booting it 75+ yards with no pressure isn’t an uncommon thing.
    There’s a big difference between doing it at your own pace on an empty field (or with the opposition stationary 15 yards from you and trying to kick a FG that far when the other team is bringing pressure.

    The other factor (and why he and other kickers will never get the chance) is that you’ve got at least 4 linemen (more likely to be 6) who don’t run very well trying to cover a kick if it comes up short. The opposition can put on their punt return team, and all of a sudden you’ve got a bunch of guys who can run and block in space against a bunch of guys who can’t run and aren’t as familiar with staying in lanes.

  5. I feel like most NFL kickers have the leg for 70 yards. The problem becomes when you put a defense on the field. The trajectory required for such distance will be so low that it would hit their offensive lineman in the back, and if it gets above them it will almost certainly be blocked and deflected at the line. With that said, I find it very impressive for a person to pull that off. Practice field, wind at their back, etc.

  6. Not too sure how many coaches will try a 77 yard field goal in a game. it would have to be right before half or at the end of a game and in Denver.

  7. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    April 5, 2020 at 8:19 am

    …with Tom Dempsey passing away,and Prater currently holding the longest FG record

    God bless Tom and my condolences to his family.

    But that being said I always look at his FG record as a joke, he had a block of wood WITH a horseshoe nailed to the front of it on his kicking shoe, that record should have never stood because of the advantage that gave him, PERIOD!

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