Antonio Brown finally hires a new agent

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Antonio Brown’s slow-motion self-destruction was highlighted by agent Drew Rosenhaus’s decision to fire Brown in January.

Brown finally has a new agent.

Brown has hired Ed Wasielewski of EMG Sports, the agent told ESPN on Monday. The transaction has not officially appeared on the NFLPA website.

Brown, a free agent, is the subject of multiple NFL investigations, either or both of which could result in a significant suspension. Even if he’s cleared to return, the disruptions he created throughout 2019 could make teams shy away from him.

It will now be Waslielewski’s job to convince teams otherwise.

19 responses to “Antonio Brown finally hires a new agent

  1. I remember watching him live at Central Michigan University. Was my sleeper fantasy pick for 3 years before anyone knew who he was. He’s a beast it’s the NFL the Cowboys will sign him..Seems like after the Patriots give it a go the Cowboys know what it takes to win and will roll the dice. Wish my Lions took chances instead of only getting players with a good heart who do good things in the community. It’s a crazy sport and you need crazy players.

  2. No one wants this guy back. He becomes the pride of Pitt, makes millions…then burns every bridge and blows every opportunity… then cries about how he is being treated unfairly…good riddance!!!

  3. Why? AB is old. AB STILL needs to take his year long suspension by the league. AB is a head case. AB is not wanted by any NFL team. Why take the time to try and sell this guy?

  4. Seems like after the Patriots give it a go the Cowboys know what it takes to win and will roll the dice

    I’m sorry, what have the Cowboys win in the last 20 years?

  5. As a Patriots fan I was first optimistically happy with the signing & then came the lawsuit from his trainer a day later…. then the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED story about the artist he harassed & didn’t pay…..folloed by his IDIOTIC TWEAT at her & her family….. TRUST ME…. YOU SHOULD BE THANKING YOUR LUCKY STARS YOUR TEAM DOESN’T WANT THIS TRAIN WRECK….

  6. He’s like the coronavirus…he just won’t go away.

    I do see the Cowboys as the most likely team to sign him. After all, they were supposedly the only team interested in Greg Hardy and others. He’d fit right in. After all, they put up with Dez’s antics for years. However, I can’t see any way he’ll play next year–his legal problems will ensure that. I think the NFL needs to finish the investigation by the time the season starts but I can’t see him getting anything less than eight games and most likely a year. We’re not talking about a single incident. We’re talking about multiple incidents. They’ll probably suspend him for longer than a year then on appeal make a deal for one season. He’ll be 32 by the time the 2021 season starts and will have wasted two years because of his compulsion to act like a spoiled brat.

  7. Brown should sign for the vet minimum, to get the NFL to finish their “investigations” and get his lawyers to him into court, so the NFL can determine the number of games in his suspension No team is going to pay him and have him suspended.

  8. That video with AB running around his backyard immediately after his release from the Raiders did it for me.
    I’m thinking this guy just threw away a possible 30 mil. smh

  9. Lionsnation, that’s funny you say that, I’m from Detroit too and my friends and I complain about the same thing. You can’t have a team full of do-gooders and citizens of the year award type guys and expect to win. There has to be a misfit or two cause at the end of the day you need some super stars to win the big one. Quinn always plays it too safe on draft day and in FA and the results speak for themselves, I thought a few years back when they hired Quinn and than Matty P they were finally going to get things right but the past year I just don’t think they have any clear direction of where they are taking this team. Losing Glasgow and signing the guy from Philly for around the same money made no sense. Another backwards move.

  10. What’s the new agent going to do? Have a “heart to heart” talk with Brown and tell him he needs to stop acting crazy? And then convince all the teams Brown hasn’t already shafted that he’s a new man and ready to get serious (right after his current legal troubles are concluded and his inevitable suspension is finished)?

  11. lionsnati0n says:
    April 6, 2020 at 8:47 pm
    ….It’s a crazy sport and you need crazy players.

    Not that crazy.

  12. jasons81 says:
    April 6, 2020 at 9:09 pm
    Seems like after the Patriots give it a go the Cowboys know what it takes to win and will roll the dice

    I’m sorry, what have the Cowboys win in the last 20 years?

    Yeah that cracked me up too. Almost the Patriots have not shown how to win for 20 years now while the Cowboys struggled to even be the top team in their state. And actually thats all past tense its not even NE any more, KC, Baltimore, and San Fran have all entered the chat. And Seattle too. New Orleans.

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