Colts’ Chris Ballard says draft plans will be fine, all 32 teams face same rules

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How can NFL teams prepare for the draft in a time of social distancing? Colts General Manager Chris Ballard is confident it will be fine.

We’ll be prepared for anything on draft weekend, and we’ll have our work done,” Ballard told Peter King for Football Morning in America. “All 32 teams will play by the same rules, so that’s fine with us.”

Ballard said that the Colts recently had a Zoom meeting featuring 19 scouts and coaches along with Ballard and assistant General Manager Ed Dobbs, and the meeting was productive and instructive in shaping the Colts’ draft board, just as a meeting in person would be.

“We had some pretty intense discussions about two guys,” Ballard said. “We dug into the character of a couple guys and moved them down. It wasn’t all that hard, compared to being in the same room. We ended up moving seven guys either up or down in that meeting.”

The conditions are not ideal, but these are the conditions everyone is dealing with. When the draft starts in 17 days, every team will have to be ready.

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  1. If anyone ever wonders how much a GM can change a team then they can use Chris Ballard as an example. That team had some serious issues after years of Grigson’s utter incompetence. He has had a few good drafts and seems to have that team on track. Luck retiring before the season threw a monkey wrench into the works but I think they did better than expected. Everything I’ve seen from Ballard tells me he’s in that upper tier of GMs. Then of course you have the GMs in Dallas and Houston…

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