EA Sports: We are working to support NFL Draft, but reported plans are untrue

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As the 2020 NFL Draft draws closer, we are starting to hear more about how the event will unfold without large crowds and players on hand.

One of the things we heard last week via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media was that EA Sports was going to create virtual meetings between first-round picks and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. It appears that such plans haven’t been put in place at this point, however.

In a statement provided to PFT, EA Sports said their discussions with the league about this year’s draft have not led to any concrete plans for such meetings.

“While we continue to work closely with the NFL on how we could support this year’s NFL Draft, the plans that have been rumored in recent reports are untrue. We don’t typically respond to rumors, but we don’t want fans to be misled,” the statement said.

We will know for sure what the league and the company behind the Madden franchise come up with when the first round of the draft gets underway on April 23.

3 responses to “EA Sports: We are working to support NFL Draft, but reported plans are untrue

  1. With countless reliable options for virtual meetings already available it seems like it’d be an incredible waste of time and money (along with a considerable risk) for EA to try reinvent the wheel. Imagine if it didn’t work well.

  2. The worst thing that ever happened to video game football was the geniuses at the NFL giving exclusive rights to EA Sports. Madden has been churning out poor-to-mediocre games ever since. Hurray for progress?

  3. Contrary to what a lot of myopic, priorities out of whack, football fans. The draft can be done remotely. Just announce each pick and move on. Companies far more important than the NFL are still able to run their day to day operations remotely. I personally won’t miss the crowd booing Gooddell (That got old 5 years ago), the bro hug on stage and the green room with the draftee and scores of hangers on. Just make the picks and move on. There is no reason the entire draft could not be completed in 2 days.

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