ESPN closes in on a Band-Aid Monday Night Football booth

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Eventually, ESPN (or ABC) will make a big-splash hire for Monday Night Football. Until then, ESPN needs a crew to work the games.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that a three-man weave of Steve Levy, former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky (pictured), and former NFL defensive back/personnel executive Louis Riddick have emerged as the top candidates to get the assignment in 2020.

Another possibility would be the shifting of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit to Monday nights. ESPN, per Marchand, is wary of taking their top college team away from the college game.

If, however, there’s no college football in 2020 but the NFL finds a way to play (a distinct pandemic possibility), Fowler and Herbstreit would make the most sense.

The current team of Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland haven’t been told they won’t be back. However, they both know (along with anyone else who is paying attention) that ESPN has been trying to hire new staff. ESPN originally wanted to snarf Tony Romo from CBS (it didn’t work), it then tried to bogart a dream booth of Al Michael and Peyton Manning (NBC wouldn’t trade Al), and finally whiffed again on getting Manning to sign on.

Many believe that MNF is headed back to ABC under the next wave of broadcast deals. For the Monday night package, that begins in 2022. It’s possible that ESPN will simply tread water for the next two years before sister company ABC unveils an A-team for the triumphant return MNF to the three-letter network where it got started.

14 responses to “ESPN closes in on a Band-Aid Monday Night Football booth

  1. Fowler and Herbstreit would be pretty awesome. Hope they can make that happen. Love Louis Riddick too but he should be a GM somewhere

  2. Please not Orlovsky. I’ve already quit watching anything ESPN he appears on. Comes off as an annoying know it all and he is the quarterback who dropped back and rolled right out of the end zone without realizing it.

  3. Would they really have to take Fowler and Herbstreit off of college entirely just to have them do MNF?

  4. Personally I like Joe Tessitore. I became a fan when he did the late Saturday night game some years ago on ESPN. I have to admit Booger McFarland was better in the booth than patrolling the sideline in his ‘Booger Mobile’. Having said that, ESPN can do better the Booger.

    I just don’t see Kirk Herbstreit doing Monday night and taking him Game Day. I’d rather have Tessitore than Fowler. Riddick is too dry and technical for my taste. Orlovski is not my ideal. Steve Levy seems more suited for the college game.

    I sure ESPN wants to make a splash with the new Monday Night team. I don’t this group is it. ESPN need a great play by play man and my thought would be to pair him with a fresh face, someone who recently left the game. Right now they don’t exist on the ESPN payroll.

  5. Louis Riddick’s calling is doing baseball games,during rain delays. There’s no way he can put in his 275 word sentences between football plays.

  6. Please not Orlovsky. I’ve already quit watching anything ESPN he appears on.
    I’m a huge Dan Orlovsky fan. Had no idea what he looked like until I saw him on the NFL Network two years ago absolutely gushing about Sam Darnold. The more I saw him, the more I liked him – he confirms many of my assessments and opinions!! Also a fan of Louis Riddick – I think they’d make a good pair of analysts.

  7. Steve Levy and Greg McElroy did great with XFL coverage. Put them both on MNF !

  8. What about getting Boomer Esiason and Kevin Harlan away from CBS radio????

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