Kyle Juszczyk not happy fullbacks were excluded from all-decade team

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The NFL’s all-decade team for the 2010s, released today, did not include any fullbacks. One of the best fullbacks in the league is not happy about that.

San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk saw the all-decade team and sarcastically tweeted, “I guess no fullbacks played this decade.”

Fullbacks did, of course, play this decade, but they played a lot less than they have in the past: NFL teams just don’t use fullbacks regularly, and there’s not a single team in the league that uses a fullback on most of its offensive plays anymore.

So the NFL gave the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee different guidance on choosing this all-decade team. Unlike the team of the 2000s, which had two fullbacks (Lorenzo Neal and Tony Richardson), the team of the 2010s had no spots specifically for a fullback but one spot for a “flex” player on offense. The selection committee chose Darren Sproles for that spot.

Sproles is a worthy choice, but he also made the all-decade team as a punt returner anyway, and his presence gives the all-decade team five running backs. It doesn’t make much sense that the all-decade team has five running backs, only four wide receivers, and no fullbacks at all. Juszczyk has a valid reason to be disappointed.

7 responses to “Kyle Juszczyk not happy fullbacks were excluded from all-decade team

  1. Assistant coaches, GM’s, Owners, were also excluded. But FullBacks Should be included.

  2. No, most teams don’t use fullbacks as much as they used, but I can think of three important ones right off the top of my head in the 2010s-Vonta Leach with the Ravens, Peyton Hillis with the Browns, and Juszcyk with the 9ers. Each of these players was critical to the offense for at least one season this decade. The position may not mean as much as it used to, but guys still play it and teams still sign them.

    Besides, how hard is it to list a few names? Unless the committee just thinks fullbacks don’t matter (which is not true-mattering less is different than not mattering at all), there’s no reason to not include them.

  3. I agree with this sentiment 100%. Fullbacks aren’t flashy or sexy, but man can they make a difference in an offense. Much like O-linemen….there aren’t a whole lot of “stats” for the work they do.

  4. All-Decade is a ridiculous honor, what about a guy who played half in one decade and half in another?

  5. NE had a guy…. at fullback … who went down to injury and guess what… NE lost the first playoff game in 2019… He had an impact on the team the year before and the year before that…His name is James Develin selected to the Pro bowl in 2017

    Fullback…. A fullback is a position in the offensive backfield in gridiron football, and is one of the two running back positions along with the halfback. Typically, fullbacks are larger than halfback and in most offensive schemes their duties are split between power running, pass catching, and blocking for both the quarterback and the other running back.

    Seems to me like a real position and played by real men….

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