Marty Hurney: Teddy Bridgewater has “won everywhere he’s been”

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Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney won’t get into specifics about why the team released Cam Newton. Hurney, though, was effusive when asked about Newton’s replacement.

The Panthers signed Teddy Bridgewater a day after releasing Newton last month.

“He’s a very talented quarterback,” Hurney said of Bridgewater, via Bill Voth of the team website. “I’ve always liked him. He’s got great feet in the pocket. I think he’s got good vision, a quick release. He’s got good accuracy.

“I think everybody you talk to, they talked about his leadership skills, and he’s got familiarity with [offensive coordinator] Joe Brady’s system since Joe was down there in New Orleans with him. He’s certainly a guy who’s overcome adversity and has, really if you look at it, he’s won everywhere he’s been, so we thought he’d be a good fit for us.”

Bridgewater, 27, signed a three-year, $63 million deal, with $30 million guaranteed after two seasons as Drew Brees‘ backup. Bridgewater went 5-0 as the starter in 2019 while filling in for the injured Brees.

Bridgewater finished last season with 1,384 yards, nine touchdowns and two interceptions. His passer rating was 99.1.

Bridgewater earned Pro Bowl honors in 2015 while starting for the Vikings, going 11-5.

24 responses to “Marty Hurney: Teddy Bridgewater has “won everywhere he’s been”

  1. His career high in TD passes in a season is 14 which might explain why he’s won unless it doesn’t

  2. It seems his character,attitude,and spirit
    has helped him be a winner off the football field as well.

  3. Despite all the naysayers that disparage Bridgewater’s arm strength, his hand size and his stats…if you actually watch him play, it’s easy to see he just gets the job done and never puts his team in a bad position. He is a leader and never gets rattled, that’s why all of his coaches and teammates love having him around…it’s true Vikings luck that they finally found the right QB and he has a catastrophic injury that ends his tenure with the team…and now they have a QB who is almost the complete opposite…

  4. Slightly above average. He’s a younger Brad Johnson.

    Nobody has ever seen a Bridgewater deep pass, outside of 7 on 7.

  5. Bridgewater is a class act, something Carolina is not used to having Newton as their qb. Cam was to worried about Cam and not about being a leader of the team he was qb of.

  6. He was the best QB on the Jets and the Saints rosters. The Saints probably go deeper in the playoffs with Bridgewater as their starter.

  7. I don’t know how much of the contract is guaranteed, but it really doesn’t matter. I think The Panthers will draft a QB either this year or next. Patrick Mahomes has set the bar pretty high for teams that are trying to win the super bowl. If the Panthers get an opportunity to draft someone they think could go toe to toe with Mahomes, they’ll jump. No doubt in my mind. Perhaps they think Teddy can compete with Mahomes. Maybe. At least they’re not giving away their draft strategy.

  8. Yeah. Come on collectordude. Nice try.
    Real story of that playoff game?
    Against a ferocious Seattle defense on a frigid day he drove his team into scoring position on a final drive.
    Only for Blair Walsh to inexplicably miss a chip shot field goal that WOULD have won it.

    So.. Really… Just stop.

  9. I’m sorry, other commentators. As a Packer fan, I’m so glad he’s not in the NFC North. Respect.

  10. I wish this guy all the best but come on, he hasn’t accomplished anything.

  11. I live in Minnesota so I’ve seen plenty of Teddy. Class guy all around and decent QB. What I noticed about him and think is a real negative are his throwing mechanics. He’s got a real wonky way of throwing. Watch his highlights on Youtube and you’ll see what I mean. He drops his elbow and holds it close to his ribs and kind of semi-sidearms it. That makes it vulnerable to being batted down by defensive linemen. It also seems like he either stands too straight up or even leans a bit backward in the whole cycle.

  12. Teddy is the #1 quarterback of all time against the spread. that’s undisputed. Teddy is used to being underestimated and proving them wrong.

  13. Bridgewater proved himself this past season, again. For those who question his arm strength, go watch the highlights. He’ll be the Panther’s QB for the rest of this decade.

  14. He may have physical limitations as far as arm strength and now less mobility due to that knee injury, but what never seems to get mentioned is his ability to read defenses, particularly under pressure (some say he’s captain checkdown, but that’s a lazy over-simplification) . That’s largely what has led to his success. He’s not top 10 caliber, but should be in the top half of NFL QBs next year.

  15. collectdude

    TB is 0-1 in the playoffs because a kicker missed a 27 yard FG. But great point.

  16. There’s a lot to like about TeddyB both on the field and off. As a player he needs to develop a long ball threat to loosen up the coverage underneath.One of Bree’s assets is that dispite not having great arm strength opposing defenders know that if they get sloppy and let a receiver get behind them Bree’s will find him for a big gain.Drop a bomb on them once and they will be looking for the next one for the rest of the game.

  17. Teddy has more heart than Cam does. Teddy is more mature than Cam is. Teddy doesn’t have Cam’s arm strength but the Panthers are still better off with Teddy at QB. Good luck to him.

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