Panthers still not explaining why they released Cam Newton

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In any other offseason, a team simply releasing a former MVP quarterback would have been the biggest story in the league.

This offseason, the Panthers’ handling of Cam Newton didn’t resonate the same way, and it still hasn’t been actually explained.

Via Joe Person of, Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney wouldn’t get into any specifics when asked why they made the decision to move on from Newton, dangling him in a futile attempt for a trade and then just cutting him.

“This was probably one of the most difficult [decisions].” Hurney said. “As soon as we [decided to trade him], I called Cam’s representatives and told them we were going to start calling teams to see if there was trade interest in Cam.”

Hurney said that decision was made the day before the team announced that Newton had permission to seek a trade, which Newton responded to by saying he never asked for one.

With teams unable to give Newton a physical because of the coronavirus outbreak, and uncertainty about his surgically repaired foot and shoulder, there was no market.

“Once we made that decision — and it was a lot of thought and communication that went into it — we let Cam know immediately,” Hurney said.

The Panthers replaced him with Teddy Bridgewater, a new quarterback that came with a new coach and offensive coordinator. But the reasons why they felt compelled to part ways with the best quarterback they’ve ever employed will apparently go unsaid.

28 responses to “Panthers still not explaining why they released Cam Newton

  1. Cam I understand….Kyle Allen I don’t. Thats the one I would like explained.

  2. Maybe they finally realized that he was more trouble than he was worth and their back was better going forward.

  3. My guess is his side show outside of football was not tolerable anymore since injury and diminishing skills caused a decline in productivity. In other words the headache was not worth anymore.

    They made the right decision as Bridgewater will bring a football first mentality to the team and give them a solid hand at qb.

  4. They know that any player,no matter how talented, who refuses to dive on a fumble in the superbowl is more about himself than the team and you cant win with those types.

  5. I can tell you EXACTLY why he was released – they no longer wanted him to be their starting QB.

  6. Kinda like the divorce between McNabb and Philly. Sometimes we gotta go our separate ways….

  7. They paid another QB $60 million. It’s seems fairly obvious that he was replaced.

  8. This guy could only hope to one day be as much of a team mate as a Nick Foles. I think we can all agree Fig has talent but doesn’t want to put the time in to be a great QB.

  9. New Coach = New QB
    It’s not complicated, Bridgewater is more likely to follow directions from a rookie head coach.

  10. He wasn’t an MVP level player for about two years before his release, even when he was healthy enough to be on the field. In the NFL, that’s all you get.

  11. Same as every other player cut, because they don’t see value commensurate with $19-20 mil salary. Apparently no one else in league did, either, as no conditional 7th rounder traded for him.

  12. Normally when you release a players it because you do not want them anymore…

  13. Reasons:
    #1-He’s old.
    #2-He’s fragile.
    #3-He sucks.
    Next question:
    Why hasn’t another team signed him yet?
    See above.

  14. Injured for several years, not playing well, and now coming off an injury that quite likely could forever take his running out of the equation. AND there was a new coach. If anybody was shocked by his release they hadn’t been paying attention.

  15. But the reasons why they felt compelled to part ways with the best quarterback they’ve ever employed will apparently go unsaid.

    Doesn’t the silence speak volumes? And will you stop talking about his MVP season like it was last year. Why aren’t other teams calling?…..

  16. Panthers: We’re releasing you, Cam.
    Newton: Why?
    Panthers: Well, frankly you suck.

    Is that how the conversation was supposed to go?

  17. Former MVP, same reason they a didn’t go out and try to sign Peyton Manning (although he would have been a better choice), Kurt Warner, or Brett Farve. Newton isn’t anywhere near the player he was in 2015 and without his mobility, he’s just not a very good QB, no one wanted to pay his salary.

  18. they released him because they wanted to. cam didn’t do himself any favors on the p.r. trail either – acting surprised, miffed, etc. but typical re: how he handles any adversity.

  19. What more is there to explain? The Panthers think they’re better off with Teddy @ QB than Cam.

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