UFC closes in on a private island for weekly fights

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The UFC wants to keep staging fights during the pandemic, and the UFC has an idea: Take the show to a private island.

Via TMZ.com, UFC president Dana White said that he’s close to a deal to stage MMA fights to an offshore location. Fighters would arrive via private plane, presumably with coronavirus tests before arriving.

For the NFL, the possibility of a remote location for games should be on the radar screen, even if execution could be impractical or unwieldy. If the alternative is pulling the plug on the full season, then the league and the union should be looking for anything they can do to play the games. Even if a last-ditch, extreme effort to save the season ultimately doesn’t make sense, the league needs to be exploring all options — including the most last-ditch and extreme efforts.

8 responses to “UFC closes in on a private island for weekly fights

  1. So if a competitor gets hurt in a fight they just have to take some long flight before getting medical treatment and then at the end of the flight they can catch covid-19 with their 6 hour late mri or bone splint?

  2. The American people need something to cheer for. Hopefully we get to see Ferguson vs Gaethje then the NFL draft the following week. I’m here in Tacoma Wa. This stay at home crap is getting old. They just cancelled school for the rest of the year so now my kid has to be stuck at home also. We have literally become her teachers all of a sudden with no compensation from the government for taking on an extra duty. Go to work be a teacher then the PE teacher. Is there anyone in this country that’s not on lockdown? Please can we switch governor’s!

  3. What;s the difference between the NFL playing on a private island or in an empty stadium?

  4. Is it the island that use to be owned by a pervert that had ties to powerful perverts around the globe that was didn’t kill himself?

  5. This all is totally crazy. Hopefully all the projections of doom & gloom are wrong! I am 62 years old and this has to be the scariest thing I have ever lived through. Maybe we can all help each other get through this while keeping our distance. Maybe, just maybe we will become closer as a nation and treat each other a little better. Here is peace, health, and happiness to all! God Bless

  6. My biggest issue with this idea is the lack of crowds would make it very uninteresting. Could you imagine watching a hockey or basketball game with no cheering? I’d turn the channel.

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