Von Miller: We needed one or two more dogs and we got them

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Broncos linebacker Von Miller wasn’t the happiest of campers as the team slumped toward its third-straight losing season last December, but his outlook is considerably brighter right now.

The Broncos have traded for defensive tackle Jurrell Casey and cornerback A.J. Bouye since the start of the new league year and they’ve also signed guard Graham Glasgow and running back Melvin Gordon as free agents. Those moves fit with what Miller said he wanted to see General Manager John Elway do in the offseason.

“I had been telling the guys, like, last season, ‘We’re going to go and get one or two more dogs. That’s all we need, one or two more dogs,'” Miller said, via the Broncos’ website. “And guys were like, ‘What position are we going to get?’ I was like, ‘It doesn’t matter; we’ve got guys everywhere. We need one or two more dogs. It doesn’t matter if its running back, tight end, receiver, defensive end, it don’t matter.’ And that’s what Elway went and got: He got us one or two more dogs. We’ve got a really competitive team this year.”

In addition to the new arrivals, Miller also pointed to the healthy returns of linebacker Bradley Chubb and cornerback Bryce Callahan as reasons to be “super excited” about what the future holds in Denver.

10 responses to “Von Miller: We needed one or two more dogs and we got them

  1. Beat Pat Mahomes & Andy Reid at home and at Arrowhead, in the same season, then…maybe.

  2. If Lock can capitalize and build on the success he had last year this Broncos team can be competitive. They already have a stud defense with Von Miller as the leader of that group.

  3. Losing Chris Harris and Emmanuel Sanders is likely more impactful than gaining A.J. Bouye and Melvin Gordon.

    However, Glasgow and Casey are both big upgrades to the lines.

    Overall, it looks like the team got slightly better on paper. Idk about all this dog talk though.

  4. Lost nine straight and counting to the World Champions who, by the way, reside in your division and have The Man playing QB. Oh, and he’s only entering his fourth season.

  5. It’s so funny to see all the bandwagon KC fans come out talking trash. See you guys again in another 50 years. 👋

  6. joetoronto says:
    April 7, 2020 at 6:33 am

    Von MIller, all talk all the time.

    Rewatch Super Bowl 50. NFL’s playback service is free right now.

    We all knew KC fans would be obnoxious if they won. It’s all good, they’ve never experienced a Super Bowl. If you didn’t know the Broncos have the all time best winning percentage in NFL history followed by the Cowboys. The Broncos will be returning to their winning tradition soon.

  7. Bouye is an upgrade on Harris. Glasgow and Casey are huge upgrades on the lines. Not sure what Gordon will bring but he definitely has every opportunity to do well.

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