Will Roger Goodell stay home for the draft?

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When questions first emerged regarding the feasibility of the NFL draft happening in Las Vegas, we pointed out that, as long as Roger Goodell still reads off the first-round picks, it won’t matter if he’s standing on a stage in front of tens of thousands or sitting in his living room with pipe, slippers, dog, and crackling logs on the fire.

He very well may be.

As explained by Peter King in his latest Football Morning in America column, “several people” who are working out the details of draft weekend want the Commissioner to handle the draft from his home.

The alternative would be for Goodell to make a 100-minute drive to ESPN’s studios. But with most of the country under a “stay at home” order, why should Goodell leave his home to do something he could do from his home?

“I don’t know what Goodell will do, but being on a home camera is the smartest option for him on the Thursday night first-round show,” King writes.

He’s right. Although the psychological benefit of proceeding with the draft to millions of football fans who are confined to their homes outweighs the reasons to stand down, the NFL needs to be very careful regarding the messages it sends regarding whether the mandates and recommendations from the state and federal governments should be taken seriously.

It won’t matter where Goodell is. As long as he’s the one reading off the names, the first round of the draft will be as compelling as it always is — and the broader circumstances could give the draft its highest ratings ever.

26 responses to “Will Roger Goodell stay home for the draft?

  1. If Roger stays home at least let people know where he lives so they can do drive by booing.

  2. Do what Howard Stern did to set up his home setup. Have the crew come out to his house and set up a room fully loaded now. Goodell completely avoids that room for 2-3 days for any coronavirus to die out on his own. then he goes in, tests it out and on Draft Day we’re good to go with a professional Draft broadcast instead of Roger’s wife holding up his phone to his face in the basement.

  3. The draft has turned into a spectacle, and I am almost welcoming this change of format. Hopefully they bring back a “toned-down” version in future years.

  4. koq11357 says:

    April 6, 2020 at 10:36 am

    The draft has turned into a spectacle, and I am almost welcoming this change of format. Hopefully they bring back a “toned-down” version in future years


    I agree with this 1000%. I miss the days the draft was not such dog and pony show.

  5. I don’t even like watching the draft because of all the idiots in the crowd who kill the scene. And no I’m not a Goodell fan.

  6. joetoronto says:
    April 6, 2020 at 10:22 am
    This will be the first time he doesn’t get booed.


    Roger Goodell still gets booed at home, who are you kidding? Probably in all rooms of the house.

  7. This will be the first time he doesn’t get booed.

    Not true…I’m sure he lives with someone.

  8. Doing it from his house will be fine so long as he wears a mask. A home-made mask is fine, it’s the thought that counts.

  9. I think Goodell could actually use this opportunity as a moment of levity.

    He should set up a home-made podium in his driveway and walked out each time it is time for a pick. He/They should pipe in boos from the “crowd” and have his customary smirk/smile. It would be absolutely hilarious and people would likely go a long way to showing a different side of him…

  10. Perhaps he could use every member of his household to announce the different picks…and whoever does the reading, wear the uniform of t-shirt or something of that team…

  11. It’s funny. Roger Goodell is the most unpopular Commissioner in NFL history and yet the owners continue to pay him over 40 million dollars per year.
    What does that tell you about how the owners really feel toward the fans?

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