Kliff Kingsbury not concerned about DeAndre Hopkins trade

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The trade that eventually will send David Johnson from the Cardinals to the Texans and DeAndre Hopkins from the Texans to the Cardinals still isn’t done, because the physicals haven’t been completed. With a pair of 2020 draft picks attached to the transaction (a second-rounder and a fourth-rounder), the physicals need to be finalized within the next 16 days.

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury told reporters on Tuesday that he’s not concerned about the trade falling through.

That’s fine, but until the physicals are finished, there’s no reason to assume anything. Hopkins is currently on lockdown in California, unable to get out for a physical. Johnson likewise hasn’t had a full physical.

So unless the teams will agree to proceed without physicals, something will have to give if the physicals aren’t done before it’s time for the Cardinals to make their second-round pick on Friday, April 24. If that happens, and if the teams want to proceed with the trade, they’ll have to find a way to alter the terms of the deal.

In the end, maybe they get it done. In this crazy, screwed-up offseason, however, there’s no reason to regard any of these deals as done until they’re done. Especially when multiple free-agency transactions have been undone in recent weeks by a failed physical.