Ron Rivera: Nothing new on Trent Williams front

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Left tackle Trent Williams has wanted out of Washington for some time, but there’s no sign that a move to another team is on the horizon.

Washington head coach Ron Rivera met with the media on a conference call Tuesday and, per multiple reporters, said that the team has continued to talk to Williams in recent weeks. He did not delve into the details of those discussions, but note that Williams remains under contract.

Williams’ agent said last month that his client wanted to be traded or released. He also said that teams have told him that Washington’s trade requests have been “totally absurd.”

Another Washington player wanted to leave this offseason and cornerback Quinton Dunbar was traded to Seattle in March. Rivera said that they moved on because Dunbar didn’t want to be there, but there’s no sign that the same approach will apply to Williams.

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  1. The longer this plays out, the lower his pricetag and that of the Redskins. Ever patient Joe Douglas will be the winner here.

  2. Williams is only under contract through this year so if Washington doesn’t do something they’ll have very little leverage. It’s hard to blame them for wanting something in return for him but it’s probably better to get something (and be rid of the headache) than let this drag on and get nothing.

    What has football come to when players feel insulted because they are only being paid $12.5M?

  3. Rivera has done a poor job handling both Dunbar and Williams. The Redskins could end up losing two of their better players for peanuts. And this is a team already without a lot of talent.

    It’s at the point with Williams, that the team will have to tell him he’s playing in Washington this year or he’s not playing at all. That’s bad for everyone.

  4. The Redskins way overplayed their hand. The first thing they should have done is caved, and shipped Williams outta there. That would have looked good to other players, improved morale, and helped sign new FAs.

    Instead they went fire and brimstone on him and demanded a 1st round pick for a decent LT who does have lots of film getting beat like a drum. Hey, nobody’s perfect, I get it, there are rarely any perfect LTs out there.

    The right thing to do was to trade him two years ago. Washington totally messed this up, and now they’ll be lucky to get anything in return.

  5. Eventually, the Redskins will have a new name, if only to distance themselves from the current owner, when he goes away.

  6. Bruce Allen was really stupid in not trading him before the deadline last season. Maybe they could have gotten a 1st or at least a 2nd for him.

    Now I think they’ll be lucky to get a 3rd. And his has no value to the Redskins as a player now because he won’t play for them. Ron, don’t make this worse by thinking that spite is a strategy, just like Bruce did.

  7. I’m all for him not playing, being made an inactive player for every game, and let him stew on his pathetic notion that a football team doctor was actually his primary care physician. This guy is obtuse and stupid. He deserves to have hardball played against him. For a player who has been less than stellar in his last years of play, this guy has some nerve. Whether suspended or simply not being as good as he was, this guy is not worth spit.

  8. He’ll be traded during the draft. As pick after pick goes by, they’re going to accept the highest pick someone is willing to give.

  9. I completely agree on the the Dunbar stance. There is a new coaching regime and he wanted to act like he’s an elite corner and should get special treatment. Rivera basically told him to play it out and prove it and you will get paid, Dunbar thought after a solid season on an awful team that he was Jalen Ramsey. That situation I am completely fine with the handling although I expected compensation to at least be a 4th rounder.

    The Trent situation is tricky. He’s an elite LT who basically made up excuse after excuse about ultimately was all about money. On talent he’s worth a first rounder, the problem is the same reason why teams won’t trade him for that is the same reason why Washington won’t offer him. He wants a long term contract for at least 17 mil a year for a guy who has been injury plagued the last few years and even when he played 2 years ago clearly was showing signs of slowing and got a bunch of holding calls. At this point I feel no one is even offering a 3rd rounder because of him looking for a new contract that it’s almost worth it more to hold this out than to toss him away for a 5th rounder and prove to the rest of the team that they won’t roll over just because you cry. If they concede on this too, any player seeing this and Dunbar will cry any time they want a new contract. Agents won’t like it and you can argue players won’t but Rivera came in to establish a culture, no different than New England, Pitt, or Baltimore. Truthfully guys like Trent Williams, Josh Norman, Jordan Reed, Dunbar are the cancers of the organization. They exemplify that if you get on Snyder’s good side you get preferential treatment. I’d like them to be made an example of. You see guys like AD, Kerrigan, Jonathan Allen, Payne, Ionidis who just want to play. Those are the guys you want to build your culture with, thats why I love the Thomas Davis signing.

  10. All of the tough guy comments here crack me up. What are you going to do, “force” him to play?

    Trent has already established he is willing to sit out a season. Why wouldn’t he sit out another? He might even retire since I doubt he needs the money. Imagine that scenario…trying to tough it out with him, only for him to retire and you get NOTHING. The best strategy is to cut your loses with him.

    He has no value to the Redskins as a player right now, no matter what Bruce Allen thought or what Ron Rivera currently thinks. The only value he has is as trade value.

    Now, it does make sense to hold on to him until the draft. I think teams may be willing to give up a little more then. Maybe.

  11. Lets also stop feeling bad for Trent Williams. The Skins might make dumb decisions and have horrible decision making but lets not act like they’ve mistreated Trent Williams. Are we forgetting that in 2015 in his prime they rewarded him by making him the highest paid lineman in the entire league when they gave him a 5 year 66 million dollar contract. He wanted all the guaranteed money up front and now is whining because he’s at the tail end of his contract. I’m tired of players who have contracts getting to force their way out. Lets not forget that the Skins did not reprimand him at all and accepted him with open arms when the league suspended him for 4 games because his substance abuse violation or when he got injured in a night club fight.

    He and his agent are farce’s. How the hell can he talk about how it’s “not about money” but in the same sentence said he loves Dan Snyder the owner, loves the Redskins fans and organization and wants to be inducted in the skins ring of honor one day. So if it’s not about “money” and you love the owner and fans what exactly are you complaining about? He claimed to have no trust in GM Bruce Allen, the medical team, and Jay Gruden’s coaching staff. Well they cleaned house and got rid of everything. New GM, new doctors/trainer, and new coaching staff. If im the Redskins either I get at least a 3rd rounder for him or let this drag out and let him retire. By the rules of the new CBA he can’t sit out this year and enter free agency next year. If he sits out again he is as good as retired as Skins will retain his rights until he actual begins to play. Sometimes principal is more valuable than just “tossing him for whatever you can” like say a 5th rounder.

  12. A couple things. With the new CBA, holding out isn’t an option. The team cannot waive a players fines even if they want to. Secondly if they aren’t getting at least a 3rd, it isn’t worth it. If he walks after the season, they’ll get a 3rd round compensatory pick for him. Trent has a terrible agent. And he’s lost money, last years pay, that he isn’t going to get back. Also by telling him to sit out, it’s made it harder for him to get the big deal he wants elsewhere. Teams aren’t chomping at the bit to pay a guy a bunch of money that hasn’t played in a year, with an injury history, that they can’t get checked out by their teams doctors.

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