Falcons unveil new uniforms

new falcons uniforms

The Falcons were planning on unveiling their new look next week, but since time has lost all meaning during the coronavirus outbreak, why not go ahead.

The team put out photos of the new look on the team website, featuring some stylistic changes including a prominent “ATL” on the fronts of the jerseys.

They also have new fonts for the numbers (which are kind of pointy but not as bad as the Buccaneers’ old alarm-clock digits), and a larger Falcons logo on the helmets, and silver facemasks.

“As you know, part of our promise as an organization is to listen and respond,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank wrote. “Time and again, we’ve heard you ask for new uniforms over the years, and in the spirit of our core values, we’ve listened to you and responded with what I know will be an exciting new era of Falcons football.”

The new Falcons uniforms will go on sale April 14.

50 responses to “Falcons unveil new uniforms

  1. So the Buccaneers changed their uniforms to be the Falcons, and the Falcons changed their uniforms to be the University of Georgia. Cant wait to see what the UGA does to their uniforms to keep the cycle going

  2. All these new uniform changes lately kind of look like their old uniforms. Consider me unimpressed.

  3. Wow, those look low-rent.

    Seriously, the last Falcons uniform wasn’t good, but it’s like they saw the void left when the Bucs retired the ugliest uniform in football and decided they needed to fill it.

    On a related note – these are pro football teams. Each is one of only 32. Everyone knows who they are, so why do some feel the need to put their team name or city in bold letters on their uniforms? It looks amateurish, like something a college team would do.

    Total fail

  4. I was wondering what the Bucs were going to do with those Arena League chrome face masks that they just got rid off. Now I see where those went. Also good job by Nike for keeping some semblance of the digital clock numbers alive somewhere.

  5. The red jersey fading into black kind of looks like the Diamondback’s unis that they just got rid of, thankfully. The “ATL” seems like something the NBA would do – a little gimmicky.

  6. why not just go with the throwbacks, the Jamal Anderson days, these are trash, the old Falcon helmet logo

  7. Bucs: Chrome facemasks and digitized numbers look silly and amateurish. Let’s get rid of them.

    Falcons: Chrome facemasks and digitized numbers look awesome. Let’s do it!

    On the plus side, matte helmets always look great, IMO.

  8. joetoronto says:
    New uniforms, same underachieving team.

    Still amusing when Raiders fan makes disparaging comments about other teams with regard to things like playoffs (what would they know about playoffs?), or in this case “underachieving” (something they know all too well).

  9. Falcons can’t even handle a uniform reveal properly, do anyone really expect them to handle the regular season any better?

  10. What’s with the pointy Arena League numbers? The Falcons had one of the best uniforms in the NFL in the 1990s with the traditional college-style numbers. I was hoping they’d go back to that.

    Sorry, major fail.

  11. I’ve been a fan since childhood in the 1970s. Disappointment is something we just live with. These look cheap. The one my eyes go to in the video is the throwbacks. All that hype for nothing.

  12. The white jerseys with red or black pants are not good. Outside of those I kinda like them.

  13. I still don’t see why they had to mess with their 90s uniforms.
    And I hate the Falcons. Forever.
    That ‘ATL’ looks beyond stupid by the way.

  14. The throwbacks look classy.

    The gradient uniforms make me think the Falcons looked in the Buccaneers dumpster and were like, ‘oooh I’ll use that!’

  15. What is it with all these teams that have to write out the city they are from on the jersey? Do they need to be reminded from what city they are representing?

  16. Han Brolo says:
    April 8, 2020 at 9:24 am
    So the Buccaneers changed their uniforms to be the Falcons


    How does the Bucs return to what’s basically their Super Bowl era look translate to their changing to the Falcons look? When the Bucs originally dawned this look, the Falcons wore solid black helmets and jerseys with silver pants.

  17. Unremarkable. I don’t see the point in the change. They had red, black, and white before.

    More icing on a dogstool.

  18. Sorry ATL but I like the old unis better! These unis are just ho hum plain!

  19. iowa12 says:
    April 8, 2020 at 9:29 am
    Not bad. The white ones are sick.

    That means cool for all you boomers.


    Just you wait – once you’ve developed some level of taste (like 20 years from now), you’ll look back and cringe at the things you though were “sick”. Don’t sweat it. It happens to everyone.

  20. Usually simpler is better but the Falcons unis were fine before. These arent terrible but theyre a downgrade.

    The buccaneers desperately needed that change. Their unis were possibly the worst in the history of the league.

  21. It’s hilarious that of all the uniform combinations they released…the old one from the 90’s looks the best, should be paired with the gray pants though. Those other uniforms look atrocious…from the crappy number font to the giant ATL across the front…screams generic team from a PS2 game that couldn’t secure NFL licensing…

  22. The Falcons new home gear look like cheap knockoffs of the unis from The Longest Yard, the Adam Sandler version. That really should say it all.

  23. @madmike6568 says:
    atl across the front?
    Yes because it has multiple meanings. Atlanta is known as the ATL in some parts and then it also represents code letters for arguably the world’s busiest airport.

  24. Is it true that there will not be any players wearing numbers 28 and 3? Asking for a friend.

  25. The matte helmets are cool, but the ATL on the front of the jerseys just screams “bush league.” The only jersey I like is the one without the ATL on the front. So basically their old jerseys.

  26. What is it with Jacksonville, Tennessee, and now Atlanta having their game day unis look like practice ones.

    Minimalist is one thing, but plain is another. The Raiders are minimalist and really cool. These are just boring…other than the now-trendy-but-soon-to-be-outdated “ATL” on the front.

    Really, this is what fans wanted? I’d bet a lot of Falcons’ fans would have liked to see a return to the 90s uniforms. Those were “sick.”

  27. Home/Away: Too plain. Not new Jags plain, but pretty boring. Need more than just a unique font. “ATL” on the front is tacky. Matte helmet is the only good part.
    Alternate: Awful. Gradient. Hate to keep picking on the Jags but it reminds me of the Gold to Black fade they had on their last helmet and couldn’t get rid of fast enough.
    Throwbacks: Classic fire except for the matte helmet, which ruins the look.
    Overall: 4/10. Now that the Bucs have a new look, the Falcons now have the worst uniforms in their division. My prediction is they will get rid of these in 5 years max.

  28. Atlanta Falcons and their fans are stuck with those uniforms for 5 years… Hope they are going for the young fans.

  29. The Red Uniforms with the Red Helmets from the ’70’s/80’s were really cool.

  30. I guess I’m one of the few people who actually like them. The alternate is kind of weird, but alternates are supposed to look alternative. The all-black home, all-white away, and throwbacks are pretty tight.

    I’m a Bucs fan who loves our new duds, and the fact that the Bucs and Falcons now look less similar.

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