Report: Chances “slim to none” of Jadeveon Clowney return to Seattle

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson‘s still out there lobbying Jadeveon Clowney, but that may not be enough.

According to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network, it appears the Seahawks’ chances of retaining the free agent defensive end are scarce, considering how far apart they are on dollars and cents (mostly dollars).

“The Seahawks had a really strong offer to him,” Garafolo said during an interview on 950 KJR in Seattle. “I don’t know how many different kinds of offers there were, but I know there was a one-year offer, from what I’m told. . . . From my understanding, it was in the $15 million range. He’s still looking in his eyes at $20 million. . . .

“I don’t know that he’s going to be back in Seattle. I would say that the chances are slim to none right now that he’ll be back there. They certainly did whatever they could, and if they didn’t have the strongest offer, they certainly had one that was extremely competitive. Nothing in the realm of what Clowney wants, but nobody’s living in that realm right now, to be honest with you.”

The Seahawks signed defensive end Benson Mayowa, but that’s more cover than a like-for-like replacement for the former No. 1 overall pick. Former Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen has expressed interest in them as well.

As for Clowney, the Jets and Titans have interest in him, and Garafolo mentioned the Browns as well. But until he can take a physical, it could take time, and if he’s intent on a $20 million deal, he might not find what he’s looking for.

20 responses to “Report: Chances “slim to none” of Jadeveon Clowney return to Seattle

  1. Dude is clearly smoking the lettuce if he thinks he is going to get 20 or anything over 15 really…always hurt and never playing at 100% all the time.

  2. Clowney claimed he wanted to be on a winning team, and winning teams tend to spend their Cap space early in free agency and that dictates the ability to sign big contracts later on. Looks like by default he’s going to end up with a B or C level team now.

  3. Seattle has too much invested in Wilson to pay Clowney $20 Million.

    Between Clowney and Wilson, they would eat up 25% of the entire salary cap…and they still have to pay 51 other players.

  4. Browns fan here. I would be okay letting Vernon for Clowney, straight up. I believe Vernon is suppose to make $15.5 mil this year. Nothing against Vernon, but his performance last year was not near what the Browns paid for. If Andrew Berry can make this happen and both sides agree, I’m all for it. Also, Berry will make it a one year deal freeing cap space for next year. Stay healthy, God bless, and go Browns

  5. Should have taken that $18.5 Seattle offered dude – they are a winning team!

  6. He will most likely have regrets leaving the Seahawks. Like another just said…BRING ON Everson Griffen! 🏈

  7. He can be on a winning team, or maybe get a few million more to play for a losing team to end his career in irrelevance. His priorities will provide the answer.

  8. Football is still a team game. You invest in players salaries accordingly. You can’t overpay any one player. You establish what a player is worth to your organization. That player either accepts your, offer or he doesn’t. With the salary cap, there is not a lot of room to dicker without hurting your overall team. That’s simply the way it is in sports today.

  9. Somewhere there is a parallel universe where there is no NFL salary cap. Clowney may actually get what he wants in that universe. He’s welcome to do the physics to find it.

  10. If he believes in himself, take the $15,000,000 one year prove it deal.
    He’s alreday made $50 million, it’s not like he will starve if he takes 15MM more and then never plays again.

  11. That sounds like a really good offer. I’ll be surprised if he gets more than that elsewhere.

  12. Start at $15 million but make the rest pay for performance milestones. Structure it so that if he finishes top3 in the league he gets $20 million, but he also needs to ave. one sack per game in the playoffs and another in the Super Bowl.

  13. “Why do so many of these guys have such an exaggerated idea of their value?”

    It comes with the territory. Most players believe that they are the best.

  14. Russell Wilson’s fat contract is preventing Penny-pinching Mode from re-signing Clown. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Clown signs with, say, Arizona, and gets 2 chances next season to knock Wilson out of a game with a clean hit.

  15. “At about $100K per offsides penalty, that’s a bargain!”

    Or about 1 mill per cheap shot!

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