Tom Brady: I’ve had concussions, but they won’t make me retire

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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t sound like he has any desire to retire any time soon.

Asked by Howard Stern whether he should retire from football to protect his brain, Brady acknowledged having multiple concussions during his football career.

“I’ve definitely had concussions,” Brady said.

But Brady said he loves playing football and wants to play as long as he can. Brady said that when Kobe Bryant died, it served as a reminder to him that life is too short to quit doing the things he loves.

“We all think we’re going to live forever but the reality is we don’t know when our day is going to come,” Brady said. “I could stop playing football because I’m worried about what’s going to happen. Why don’t I live my life the way I want, and enjoy it, the way that is most fulfilling to me? For me, that’s doing what I love to do. You don’t tell a musician to stop singing at age 42. You don’t tell a painter to stop painting at 42.”

Brady, who will turn 43 in August, signed a two-year contract with the Buccaneers. He plans to play at least those two years, at age 43 and 44, and then decide in 2022 whether to play his age-45 season.

10 responses to “Tom Brady: I’ve had concussions, but they won’t make me retire

  1. How do you get concussions when you dive on the ground before getting sacked?

  2. Go watch videos of the early 2000 Patriots and Tom Brady used to violently headbutt all his teammates because he was so amped up ( the tunnel before 2001 sb vs Rams).

    Can’t have been good for him. But what’s interesting is as a part of his TB12 routine that includes training his brain with these memory games and based on what I know I think the brain is like a muscle so it seems to help by continuing to train it (and get lots of sleep).

  3. You’re right, Tom. Good analogy. I read recently that Picasso and Eric Clapton had their bells rung numerous times and nobody hectored them about not painting or playing. So you’re in good company.

  4. Easy Tom you are just a football player, a very good one, but still just a man playing a boys game.. just how many Picasso’s or Clapton’s have there been?

  5. Even if you don’t like him, let’s just learn to appreciate the GOAT while he’s still here.

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