Tom Brady: Trump is an old friend, but I don’t do anything political

Getty Images

Tom Brady has been asked whether he supports Donald Trump since 2015, when a reporter spotted a “Make America Great Again” hat in Brady’s locker. But Brady has always said that his support for Trump is about friendship, not politics.

Asked on Howard Stern whether he’s a Trump supporter, Brady said he refused an offer to speak at the 2016 Republican National Convention and doesn’t endorse anyone.

“He wanted me to speak at the convention,” Brady said. “I wasn’t gonna do anything political.”

Brady said he has been friendly with Trump since 2001, when Trump was an early supporter of Brady’s when Brady first became the Patriots’ starting quarterback. But Brady said he never wanted to conflate friendship with supporting Trump’s presidential campaign. Brady thinks endorsing a political candidate is a lose-lose situation for a person in his position.

“It was uncomfortable for me because you can’t undo things — not that I would undo a friendship, but the political support is totally different from the support of a friend,” Brady said. “I didn’t want to get into all the political . . . there’s zero win in anything. It’s politics.”

Brady’s Patriots have won two Super Bowls during Trump’s presidency, but Brady did not visit the White House either time. He skipped his team’s White House visit in 2017 and the Patriots didn’t make a visit in 2019.