Clay Matthews says Rams owe him, too

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Running back Todd Gurley isn’t the only player to whom the Rams allegedly owe money.

Responding to Gurley’s tweet that the Rams as “past due” and to “send me money,” Matthews tweeted on Wednesday night, “You and me both TG! Better get some interest with that too.”

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Matthews believes that the Rams owe him a fully-guaranteed roster bonus that became due on the third day of the league year, and that per his contract the Rams must pay the amount on or before March 30, 2020. Matthews hasn’t gotten that money, yet.

There’s an argument to be made that the money isn’t strictly due on March 30, 2020 because was released before the date on which the bonus was earned, and because the Rams have the right to offset the liability based on whatever Matthews earns elsewhere in 2020. But the Rams still owe the money, and they’ve yet to pay it — and Matthews isn’t happy about it.

He shouldn’t be. The Rams promised to pay him the $2 million, and it’s fair for Matthews to expect the money on or before March 30. Why not simply cut the check? It’s the kind of thing that could make other players leery about making a commitment to the Rams, if the perception among players and agents is that the Rams won’t in turn honor the commitments made to players.

Even if the Rams are concerned that they’ll be stiffed on the offset, there are ways to enforce the promise by the player to pay back money earned elsewhere. For now, the Rams owe him the $2 million, and there seems to be no valid reason for the Rams to stiff him.

The Rams have informed PFT that they will have no statement on the claims made publicly by Gurley and Matthews.

17 responses to “Clay Matthews says Rams owe him, too

  1. This franchise is falling flat on its face as it opens up a new stadium in the hardest market in sports. New logo was a bust. It put everything into “stars” and now they’re not even on the team to open up this stadium. Chargers and Rams tickets are going to be tough sells in the immediate LA future (even without corona)

  2. The draft Rams Statement read something like: “We will get money owed to all our players as soon as the Federal CARE Incentive loan comes thru. In the meantime, the players are able to obtain $600 per week unemployment and should receive their $1,200 CARE incentive payment in the coming weeks. The impact of the Coronavirus is being felt by all of us and this is yet another example of how we all need to remain indoors and practice social distancing. Take care everyone and remember to finish making your payments for your season tickets.”

  3. Teams don’t just volunteer to pay money. There are contracts, and the teams abide by the contracts. That’s why we have courts. If there’s a valid contract, no worries.

  4. He also promised the Rams he’d be a good player. Looks like both sides didn’t live up to the bargain.

  5. Don’t worry guys, you should be getting your government stimulus check soon.

  6. Jags saw a quick exodus with players wanting out, either by forcing a trade or refusing to sign. Rams will see the same thing happen to them if they aren’t careful.

  7. Between the run-around on getting paid, and insane taxes in California, why would anyone want to play there?

    Certainly can’t be for the new logos either.

  8. Dirt Matthews and Gurley should pound sand. Matthews is a dirty player who is overpaid and Gurley earned money he just didn’t earn from production – his contract was way over his output.

    The one point here is that is there a stipulation that the player must be paid by the dates they point to or just that they “shall earn” at that date? There is a difference between “shall earn/be paid” and the actual date the team is obligated to make it so.

  9. Typical Silent Stan aka Squirrel Head, not paying. Just how many law suits do you think there will be over non paid invoices on the house that Walmart is building next to LAX?

  10. “If there’s a valid contract, no worries.”

    So, if your employer was late paying you, there’d be “no worries”? I’m sure Gurley and Matthews are better off than you or I but they still have bills that need to be paid and expectations that what is owed them is going to be paid at the agreed upon times. You really think it is acceptable for the Rams to be late paying people? Making people chase money they are rightfully owed isn’t a good look for any business.

  11. I will be honest I kind of like watching the train wreak called the Rams now. I mean they steal a team from St. Louis they move them to LA which historically sucks as a city that supports football. They sell out to try to get good quick and a lot of what they did was flashy and window dressing. Well now here they are. Hopefully the Rams will makes hard knocks soon. I am sure they would love that, they have to do that kind of PR to get people interested out there in football.

  12. Rams sound like they dished out bad contracts and now playing the role of deadbeats.

    How much money is their QB making? Should have waited a year to dish out that contract.

  13. @redlikethepig says:
    April 9, 2020 at 7:50 am
    He also promised the Rams he’d be a good player. Looks like both sides didn’t live up to the bargain.
    That’s on LA. He had been on the decline for at least 4 years. They signed him to bring back a USC Trojan to generate interest and ticket sales. Kronke is the same guy that stiffed ST. Louis and is now in the process of stiffing LA with a multi-billion dollar stadium for team that will be mediocre going forward. They will join the list of teams to not play in the SB being held in their stadium. Eagles logo looked great on the Vikings field!

  14. Not surprised at all with the culture starting with Kroenke the owner. Really what do you expect of an owner that when he uses a stadium bathroom has his security guys clear out the entire bathroom so he can whizz alone without fear of stage fright?

  15. Wait a second. They own him nothing at this point because it is offset by the fact that until he signs with another team they don’t know what they really owe him. Stan doesn’t own the Rams because he’s stupid.

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