Clelin Ferrell donates $100,000 to Richmond’s COVID-19 relief efforts

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Raiders defensive end Clelin Ferrell is giving back to his hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

Ferrell announced on social media Thursday that he will donate $100,000 to Richmond-based COVID-19 relief efforts.

“Knowing who I am means knowing how much my hometown Richmond, Virginia, means to me,” Ferrell wrote. “There’s something special about the people from this city and how we are built. For a long time, we have had one of the highest eviction rates in the country and people are losing their jobs because of this crisis so I am donating $100,000 to the family crisis fund and the eviction diversion program to help the communities that made me who I am. I love y’all and stay strong, stay safety and always stay Richmond.”

The Robins Foundation, in partnership with the city of Richmond, recently launched the $1 Million Family Crisis Fund to help local families impacted by job loss.

2 responses to “Clelin Ferrell donates $100,000 to Richmond’s COVID-19 relief efforts

  1. Knowing how Richmond, VA handles things, it will be lucky if $25,000 reaches people. The rest will be wasted on staff and management. That city is one of the worst managed in the United States.

  2. Thank you for my daily update of an NFL player donating money. Now i feel better and can make it thru the day.

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