Rams clearly owe Todd Gurley money, for whatever reason aren’t paying

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When it comes to the $2 million that the Rams allegedly owe former Rams linebacker Clay Matthews, there’s an argument to be made that the teams is justified to wait and see whether and to what extent Matthews earns up to $2 million elsewhere this year before paying him the difference, if any. When it comes to the $7.55 million that the Rams allegedly owe former Rams running back Todd Gurley, the Rams have no such argument.

“It’s pretty clear the Rams are in the wrong,” a source with knowledge of Gurley’s contract tells PFT. “Even if you take the theory they are waiting on the offset they are in the wrong.”

They’re in the wrong because the offset covers only $2.5 million of the bonus; the other $5.05 million was fully guaranteed, with no offset. At a minimum, then, the Rams should pay the $5.05 million and hold the $2.5 million until Gurley officially earns $2.5 million from the Falcons.

The Rams have officially declined comment on the situation, but they’ve leaked to ESPN.com they believe that they are in full compliance with the Matthews and Gurley contracts. If that’s the case, why not say so on the record?

Whatever the explanation, it’s not a good look to hide under a rock when accused of stiffing employees out of money they believe they are owed. If Gurley and Matthews are in the wrong, the Rams need to say so, or perception will become reality — and other agents and free agents will become less inclined to trust the Rams.

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  1. Probably the richest owner in the league building the most expensive stadium… and you’re stiffing players? Not a good look for a team that has very clearly been put on a pedestal (as in handed a Super Bowl).

  2. This is legitimately interesting.
    Lawsuits are fun to watch.
    I assume this heads towards arbitration?
    When will it be resolved?

  3. Maybe they don’t have it? Seriously, there is a new stadium going up, maybe they don’t have or would rather spend the money on that to get it done?

  4. This will end up in court with Todd Gurley’s knee dead center of the proceedings.

  5. The Rams “believe” they’re following the rules? Even though the entire rest of the league seems to be interpreting things differently? And if there was any question about things why wouldn’t they have gotten clarification from the league?

  6. The reason is obvious no? That 2.5 million left invested right now will be 3.5 million in a few months. The team has incentive to delay payment as long as possible. Especially to a guy that is not on the team anymore. Gurly needs to understand this and make a bigger deal out of it. If he squeeks loud enough other players around the league will take notice and the team will have to pay to quiet the PR situation.

  7. Kroenke may have over-extended himself in the stock market, anticipating a sustained period of growth after the pandemic is over.

    It’s kind of hard to believe he would put every million he has into the market, even if you’re sure it’s hit rock bottom and it’s going to recover, you still need money on hand to live. How’s he going to get through till next month without a few million? I couldn’t! Lol

  8. Believe me, agents will continue to call the Rams first thing! Why? See Cooks, B., Goff, J., and Gurley, T.

  9. if the rams think they are in full compliance, they are probably handling the situation in a professional manner, by going through the players agent…. not childishly jumping on Twitter or going through some website as a middle man. only (not smart)/immature people would try to settle a multi million dollar dispute through tweets.

  10. Mr. Kroenke’s wife is the daughter of one of the founders of Wal-Mart, for what that’s worth (probably quite a bit).

    Seems to me the right thing to do would be to place the disputed sum in escrow pending the outcome of an arbitration hearing or maybe a court case. That would at least demonstrate Mr. Kroenke is acting in good faith.

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