Report: Lions discussing moving back from third spot

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The Bengals are apparently set on their quarterback, and Washington’s sending signals that Chase Young could be the second pick.

That means the third spot is suddenly the interesting one, and don’t the Lions know it.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Lions have “had discussions with teams about potentially moving back,” and that there seems to be some interest.

The market for quarterbacks should dictate that they have a scarce commodity, and anyone wanting to get their hands on Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert (or anyone, really), should be calling Detroit.

It doesn’t hurt for the Lions to put the “For Sale” sign out two weeks ahead of the draft, giving them plenty of time to gauge the value of the pick as opposed to taking a player for themselves there.

15 responses to “Report: Lions discussing moving back from third spot

  1. Smart move, they can load up on picks for next year and get their QB of the future in what will likely be a loaded class of them.

  2. good idea. Chase Young is the only player in the top 5 that would help the Lions, and its looking like Washington will take him. If the Lions move out of the top 10 or even the top 16 I wouldn’t be sad at all – as long as the Lions get appropriate compensation for that draft spot. Bob Quinn is known as the guy who gave away Golden Tate for free & traded Darius Slay for a bag of chips, so I am not too optimistic about that part

  3. Maybe they should be discussing moving their lousy HC out of the building! He’s a horrible HC.

  4. If you need a new franchise QB and you are drafting in position to get one now, get one. Don’t overthink it.

  5. I’d like to understand the defensive plan for the 32nd rank Lions D that makes allows every qB they face to rate 110 or higher.

    Still mad about taking a 9-7 team and ripping it apart and trading away the productive players who go and contribute elsewhere.

  6. This makes sense, but only if they plan on keeping Stafford as the team QB for the next 4-5 years.

  7. Regardless they still win 6-7 games. We all know this. Even as Stafford had arguably his best year, 8 games, they were still under .500. They need a lot.

  8. The Lions needs a shutdown corner, and the best value pick at the #3 spot is a cornerback…and they want to trade out? The only deal that makes sense is if it was Miami trading up from the 5 spot. Then they would still be able to land Okudah.

  9. The Lions are so far from competing. They missed their window when they had Stafford/Johnson/Suh in their primes. Stafford has a broken back and he isn’t even that good anyway, but was good enough to win with but they were always one dimensional. The Detroit way of life is below .500 historically and this won’t change until they get serious about drafting instead of drafting two under performing first round TEs within five years! What a waste of a franchise!

    It’s going to be at least 3-5 years before the Lions can compete in that division.

  10. Hey, at least that joetoronto wagon jumper fan can root for the failing Raiders too. His taste in NFL teams is consistent, but rooting for multiple teams is the most gutless move next to being a coward.

  11. Makes the most sense especially being able to slide back to 5th or 6th and still get Okudah while gaining a 2nd round and possibly another mid round pick. So much talent will be in the 2nd round this year,those picks are like gold right now.

  12. The Chargers want Tua and the only way they can get him is to move ahead of Miami. The Lions could trade back with the Chargers and still get Okudah. Makes sense to do here but the Lions are most likely wanting 2 #1’s (and more)for #3 overall.

  13. Many of you already know this, but the “locks” at QB have not been outstanding over the years. The number of picks seems much more valuable than one high pick. Two super players that support that are Brady and the emotionally distraught Brown. Further, most of the Steeler WR stars did not get there as first picks. So, exchanging the 3rd for a 5th AND additional picks appears to be the best team building mode. Numbers count more than pick location in the long run.

  14. The Lions should draft Tua but they won’t. Quinn and Patricia have no idea what they’re doing.

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