Urban Meyer has high praise for Joe Burrow, but higher for Dwayne Haskins

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Urban Meyer coached Joe Burrow for three years at Ohio State before Burrow transferred to LSU. Meyer has high praise for Burrow, who’s expected to be the first overall pick in the draft in two weeks. But Meyer has even higher praise for Dwayne Haskins, who was Washington’s first-round pick last year after beating out Burrow for the starting job at Ohio State.

Meyer told NFL Media that Haskins was the clear choice to be the starter at Ohio State in 2018, when Burrow transferred out.

“Dwayne Haskins is probably the best quarterback ever to play at Ohio State,” Meyer said.

Still, Meyer thinks highly of Burrow, saying that he did a good job of catching up and improving despite not being at Haskins’ level when the two were both in Columbus.

“Joe was a little behind. You know why? Joe was also Mr. Ohio in basketball and they had a great team in the state championships, and he’s just one of those all-purpose tough guy leaders,” Meyer said. “Joe Burrow is a no brainer. Absolute no brainer. Can he throw as accurately as Dwayne? He’s improved, but he wasn’t that way. But his leadership skills, his toughness, competitive — you talk about a competitive maniac, that’s who Joe Burrow is.”

Meyer sounds high on Burrow. But he sounds even higher on Haskins.

21 responses to “Urban Meyer has high praise for Joe Burrow, but higher for Dwayne Haskins

  1. Alex Smith, the most successful NFL quarterback Meyer has ever coached, did not appear in Meyer’s comments. Considering the success rate of his other quarterbacks in the NFL, I’m not sure how much his opinion translates to the NFL.

  2. Can’t judge a rookie QB after having to play for the dysfunctional Skins. Give him another year or two with a solid team and see what happens.

  3. You mean he’s higher on the guy he kept then let walk away and become a Heisman trophy winning national champion? I imagine Urban is still saying Tebow is going to be a great pro. These coaches have a real issue with admitting mistakes.

  4. Did we read the same thing?

    How is he higher on Dwayne Haskins?

    What I read was that Dwyane was a “one sport guy” which college football coaches always love as a B.S. tiebreaker and he was more accurate than Burrow 2-4 years ago…and that DH was the best qb to play at Ohio State.

    Nowhere did I see “I’d take Dwayne TODAY over Joe Burrow any day of the week”.

  5. That’s a meaningless comment from Urban. Had he said he was higher on Burrow, Urban would be admitting he’s an idiot for leaving Joe on the bench.

  6. Yeah it would be tough to say Burrow is better than Haskins if you made Burrow ride the bench for Haskins. Urban doesn’t strike me as the type to admit that mistake and frankly if he were still coaching I think a lot of people would be wondering what it is about LSU coaching that was so much better than OSU coaching.

  7. Not sure THE ohio state university nor Urban Meyer have a great reputation for developing NFL QBs, so this is pretty much meaningless.

  8. ak185 says: “Alex Smith, the most successful NFL quarterback Meyer has ever coached, did not appear in Meyer’s comments.”

    Um, because Alex Smith played for Utah and Meyers SPECIFICALLY was talking about Ohio State? In fact, here’s the quote: “Dwayne Haskins is probably the best quarterback ever to play at Ohio State,” Meyer said.

  9. Urban just does want to admit he picked the wrong guy. Kind of like NC State forcing Russell Wilson out because he wanted to play baseball. I guess being a great athlete helps a QB a lot.

  10. luke8512 says: “These coaches have a real issue with admitting mistakes.”

    Haskins WAS better than Burrow back in 2017-18 when the two were competing for the starting QB spot at Ohio. How hard is that to undertand?

    In fact, look at their 2018 stats. Haskins clearly was ahead, as Burrow was pretty pedestrian at LSU in his first year. And you know what? People can improve and get better – that’s what happen with Burrow in his senior year as everything clicked in. That still doesn’t change the fact that Haskins WON the starting job in 2018.

  11. Well we all know it isnt going to he hard for burrow to eclipse what Haskins has done so far. Watching Ohio state games on big ten network, Haskins has a big arm no doubt and had wiggle to get into the end zone on three yard runs. However, look at all the time he has to throw the dang ball, it was like playing jv teams most of the time. Not to mention how much they rode dobbins whenever things would get tight tells me all I need to know about urban’s opinion of Haskins. He was an afterthought in that offense when the chips were down. Maybe he was the best QB at Ohio state but is that really saying much? How many Ohio state qbs ever did anything in the nfl? I know Troy Smith is the only to win the heisman. Not saying Haskins is terrible but he’s no Burrow.

  12. “Um, because Alex Smith played for Utah and Meyers SPECIFICALLY was talking about Ohio State? In fact, here’s the quote: “Dwayne Haskins is probably the best quarterback ever to play at Ohio State,” Meyer said.”


    True, you are correct. That said, I brought up Alex Smith because he is the only quarterback to play for Meyer who has had a long and mostly successful NFL career as a starter. Next is probably Tim Tebow. I can’t think of any others who have playoff wins. Who’s next? Terrell Pryor?

    The point is, Meyer raving on and on about Haskins while tip-toeing around Burrow is funny to me. He should just admit that he screwed up-even not counting their pro (or propective pro) careers, Burrow had two good years starting at LSU. One of those was legendary. Haskins had one very good year as a starter in Meyer’s same system that has failed to produce a consistent NFL starter beyond Smith (and that was ages ago at a completely different school and conference). So yeah, Alex Smith did not play at OSU, you’re right. But Alex Smith was not mentioned, as I said. And perhaps he SHOULD have been, since he’s the only pick-and only QB currently on Washington’s roster-with any considerable measure of success that was coached by Urban Meyer. That says something about how weighty Meyer’s opinion should be in regards to the Burrow/Haskins debate.

    Even today, Meyer has trouble admitting that Burrow can even throw accurately. He sidestepped that question because he said that he couldn’t in the past, and though he talked about “improving”, he never acknowledges that Burrow is better than Haskins as a prospect. If he had done that, maybe these comments would look a lot different.

  13. Haskins has so few skills that translate into the pros that he’s even less likely to succeed than the Great Gimmick, RG3. Haskins-Robbins is proof that one year wonders like him and RG3 are going to always be busts in the pros. They are not coachable, they don’t want to learn, and they are me-first cupcakes.

  14. He’s comparing them when he was they were both at Ohio State it’s obvious that Burrow’s talents improved through the roof last year since starting and it’s not even close!

  15. Meyer is hilarious.
    OSU never has a QB.
    they get a 5 star athlete and then let him just run around
    they dont bother to coach any qb nuances at all
    it’s why all OSU QBs suck in the pros
    they’re in no way prepared

  16. Urban Meyer just isn’t a guy I’d follow on QB rankings. He’s good at making a college offense run, but his QBs never amount to anything in the pros. What works at OSU doesn’t do squat in the NFL.

  17. Haskins is massively underrated. He has elite arm talent and absolutely shredded the Big Ten to the tune of 50 touchdowns to 8 interceptions. And while, like most rookies, he got off to a slow start, by the end of the season he was shredding the NFL too. Haskins was given a bad rap by Jay Gruden. But I will take Meyer’s evaluations over Gruden’s every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  18. I know most of the haters just Love to talk about how disfunctional the Redskins are….get it in while you can!!!…Last days in time guys!!!

  19. Sounds like sour grapes from the leader of the program Burrows transferred out of, just to win a national title and Heisman. Winners go where they can achieve, not sit.

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