George Kittle never took Tom Brady to 49ers talk seriously

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For a week or so last month, a very real possibility existed that the 49ers would pursue quarterback Tom Brady. At Chris Simms explained at the time, the 49ers at one point were Brady’s first choice. Ultimately, and obviously, it didn’t work out.

So what did tight end George Kittle think of that Tom Brady chatter?

“It is what it is,” Kittle told #PFTPM on Friday. “People talk. There’s nothing else to talk about. It’s nothing that I took seriously.  Jimmy G is my quarterback, and he’s one hell of a quarterback. We don’t get to the Super Bowl without him. So there’s no one that I’d  replace him with. What he’s done for this team leadership-wise and on the field, he’s one-of-a kind. There’s no one else I’d rather be around to throw me the ball. You know, I’m just excited being able to play football again with Jimmy G and I know that he’s ready to fling that rock again.”

The 49ers may have considered Brady or other alternatives to Garoppolo, but they eventually decided to continue to hitch their wagon to the guy who took them to the playoffs, who took a back seat to the running game during most of the postseason, and ultimately didn’t take advantage of an open Emmanuel Sanders with a championship on the line.

19 responses to “George Kittle never took Tom Brady to 49ers talk seriously

  1. There’s no bigger Brady and Pats fan than me, but it would have been really stupid to jettison a young QB who made it to the Superbowl in his first healthy year, for the GOAT who only has 2 or so years left.

  2. Love what Kittle said. Let Garoppolo continue to develop, and he’s looked on as a leader. His prime is just coming up.

  3. The only people who took that seriously were media cronies that were trying to sell the idea for clicks

  4. For a week or so last month, a very real possibility existed that the 49ers would pursue quarterback Tom Brady.


    There was zero possibility of this happening.

  5. I did. I would not have enjoyed watching him with that team and coaching staff. I would have put My money on them repeating the next two years as S B Champs. Now; not so much, thankfully.

  6. Why do people insist that the one missed pass cost them the SB? The D gave up 21pts in the last half of the 4th quarter. Anyone remember that?

  7. Jimmy’s limitations were clearly on display in the Super Bowl.

    I’m still starting to cheer for him over Tampa oh wait I mean TOMPA Bay Tommy 🤪

  8. Does he really think they couldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl with Brady? Brady won the Super Bowl the year before with a much worse supporting cast.

  9. No loss. He is arm is shot and it won’t get better at 43. This has all the feel of Namath going to the Rams.

  10. CLOWNS – Bucs will most like take the next 2 Super Bowls. 2 more than Ga’Crap’alo will ever get. This dude folds like a napkin and is weak. Peep his games when TB12 was out that made his rep – he played only 2 out of 4 games – got barely hit then cried like a baby and punted – got drafted then smoked #THEGOAT-TB12

  11. If 49ers didn’t consider it then why didn’t they say from the get-go “no way, no how, never.”?

  12. If Jimmy G were throwing 30 picks and eating W’s but not producing them they might have been more serious about pursuing Brady.

  13. It sounds like Kittle suffered one heck of a concussion in the super bowl. He wouldn’t take ANY QB over Jimmy? Sounds way over the top to me. not even Jimmy’s mom would believe that.

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