NFL hoping teams will switch from Zoom to Microsoft product

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Zoom has taken off during the pandemic, becoming the unofficial go-to for video conferencing. Unfortunately, hackers have gone there as well. And there reportedly are security issues, enough to make Ravens coach John Harbaugh worried about draft-night chicanery.

For that reason, the NFL is touting league partner Microsoft’s product — Teams — as a solution that pro teams should consider.

“With some of the collaboration software out there and some of the issues that some providers have had of late, a lot of the teams are switching over to our partner,” NFL VP/Partnership Marketing Dave Lynch recently told Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal.

The league isn’t requiring its teams to switch to Teams, but the NFL surely would make it mandatory for teams to use Teams if Microsoft were coughing up the cash for Teams to be the teams’ choice. (“Third base.”)

That same logic would presumably apply to Bose, a league sponsor and supplier of sideline headsets. NFL Network talent routinely have been spotted using Apple AirPods during the pandemic, not Bose earbuds.

16 responses to “NFL hoping teams will switch from Zoom to Microsoft product

  1. If these teams had a clue they would have been using SLACK all along. Works on any device and it is the most secure thing out there.

  2. Teams is just not as user-friendly as Hangouts or Zoom. Zoom has introduced a security patch to prevent hacking.

  3. MS Teams can be run through on-prem servers, and as far as I know, Zoom can not. This, alone, makes Teams potentially more secure. I say potentially because you need an IT staff that knows what they’re doing, and a budget to actually afford the IT staff to do it.

  4. Typical of the NFL. Zoom is so much better of a conferencing application than ANYTHING microshaft has.. I use zoom almost every day, especially the last 3 weeks.

  5. Why can’t people use…… their PHONES? You don’t need to be the Jetsons to talk to someone.

  6. One might assume that zoom knows what’s at stake here. Any hacking during the draft would ruin them. This is the biggest advertisement a company could ever get if done right .

  7. Microsoft is a NFL partner. If teams used Zoom instead (with all the known issues) that would be embarrassing.

    Remember Skype? Microsoft bought it and killed it with incompetence. (Though Technically it still exists)

    Microsoft has lost touch with consumers…

  8. This show thing is so stupid. Just quit the idea that it MUST be some sort of show or theatrics for one year. Just call the league office and say who you pick, or both teams call in a trade, and the Commish then emails the teams, and the broadcast crew, the pick. Have the three people in different studios talk about each player. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  9. As for security vs technology, they should have the draft a week before in secret. Give the results to the networks, let them do whatever kind of show they want. They need in normal circumstances let alone right now to let go on this obsessive fixation they have with player reaction. Fans want highlights and analysis and football talk, not the crying and the bro hug and the pre=hype glamour nonsense.

  10. Microsoft- “We suck at innovation, we copy technology almost as good as the Chinese, but we always come off the bench when you are left with no other choice. That’s called reliability.”

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