Terry Bradshaw: Ben Roethlisberger is the greatest QB in Steelers history

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Terry Bradshaw won four Super Bowl rings as the Steelers’ starting quarterback, but he doesn’t consider himself the greatest in franchise history.

Asked on 93.7 The Fan to name the greatest quarterback in Steelers history, Bradshaw chose Ben Roethlisberger.

“I would give it to Ben,” Bradshaw said. “His numbers far exceed mine. I may have more Super Bowls, but he is a much better quarterback. I wasn’t bad in my era, but he’s big, strong, accurate, puts up monstrous numbers, and he’s won two Super Bowls. I pass that baton to him gladly. I absolutely have no problem with that. He deserves it.”

Bradshaw and Roethlisberger have reportedly had a strained relationship, but Bradshaw said he has nothing but respect for Roethlisberger as a player, adding, “I don’t have a problem with Ben being better than me.” Not everyone would agree that Roethlisberger ranks ahead of Bradshaw on the list of all-time Steelers greats, but Bradshaw is fine being No. 2.

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  1. Terry’s being humble. And numbers can’t really be compared from one generation to another.

  2. Sorry Terry … youre wrong. You also called your own plays and dont get the credit you deserve.

  3. As soon as Big Ben adds 2 more superbowl rings he will be officially the best qb the Steelers ever had.

  4. While i agree that QBs in 2020 are much better athletes than any QB from the 70s, Roethlisberger should only have on 1 super bowl win. He won the first one with a 22 QBR rating where the refs made several historically bad calls to keep the Steelers in the game. Including calling penalties on the Seahawks for tackling players.

    Four years later, referee Bill Leavy apologized for blowing all those bad calls in the game.

  5. Bradshaw was a two-time Super Bowl MVP and overall league MVP. Roethlisberger has only been his own team’s MVP once in his career, which shows you his popularity with his teammates. Bradshaw played his best games in the biggest games. Roethlisberger not so much. He had a QB rating of 22 against the Seahawks in the SB. How did we even win that game? Of course Roethlisberger’s stats are better. Every QB in this era has video games stats. Bradshaw rarely threw to his RBs or TEs. It was all downfield passes in those days.

  6. Seahawks love to bring up his 22 QBR, what about going 3-0 on the road for the Playoffs that year with a 101.7 passer rating including the Super Bowl -so Seattle had to gear up to stop the pass 1st, not the run, but make sure the entirety of the Playoffs is ignored… lol

  7. Bradshaw is right, Big Ben is better. I like Bradshaw, but Archie Manning was better than Bradshaw in my opinion. You put Archie on those Steelers teams and his number would be better and he would have 4 Super Bowl rings. Put Bradshaw on those Saints teams that Archie was on, he wouldn’t of won anything either.

  8. If Brady and the Pats didn’t derail Ben and the Steelers as often as they did, I think you’d see a couple more SBs on the Steeler table in the last 15 years.

    Either way, Ben is a slam-dunk HOFer – no doubt there.

  9. Terry Bradshaw was always a class act. His comments about the current HC certainly ruffled a lot of feathers (more than a few people going ballistic over it) but he doesn’t say these things to gain headlines. Just calling it as he sees it. At the beginning of Jerry Rice’s career he flat stated the Rice was better than HOF WR Lynn Swann which got the Steelers faithful in a uproar.
    I for one agree with him on this. Whatever you think of BR’s off the field actions, his on the field achievements are undeniable.

  10. Agree to disagree. As mentioned he called his own plays and QBs did not have the protection they have now. Watch some old videos from the era and QBs routinely got clobbered. Terry is the man…

  11. Bradshaw was a great quarterback. Roethlisberger is very, very good. You can’t compare stats from different eras.

  12. Ben is very, very good but Bradshaw is the best QB in Steelers’ history. And, if you ever get a chance to hear him speak in public, do not miss it. Pay whatever they ask and adjust your schedule in any way necessary.

  13. I like Bradshaw, but he wasn’t even the best QB in his division when he played. Ken Anderson was, but Bradshaw had a better team around him.

  14. burgundyclone says:
    April 10, 2020 at 12:02 pm
    Seahawks love to bring up his 22 QBR, what about going 3-0 on the road for the Playoffs that year with a 101.7 passer rating including the Super Bowl -so Seattle had to gear up to stop the pass 1st, not the run, but make sure the entirety of the Playoffs is ignored… lol


    But just to be clear, he did have a 22 QBR in the SB….right? lol

  15. Here’s how the all-time qb ratings go.

    1 Brady – 6
    2a Montana – 4
    2a Bradshaw – 4
    3 Aikman – 3

    then every one else with 2 and 1 accordingly. THATS IT.

  16. Surprisingly, despite 4-0 SB record and really being money in the playoffs, Bradshaw is somehow underrated by most. The Steelers didn’t win the 4 SBs with just any hack playing QB. They certainly had great Ds for the first two, no doubt. I think he was MVP of two of them and his standing in to throw the bomb to Swann in SB 10 is among the great plays of all time (concussed on the hit and knocked out of game). Very few, if any, other QBs can make that throw. Just a real money game player. One thing he and Ben share-really tough players at a brutal position.

  17. And yet he only won two Super Bowl‘s and let’s not forget the last one that he won in 2008 TB12 was out with an injury.

  18. You are always ranked by what you do in the postseason… Terry is being very modest. He played for a franchise that did NOTHING until he arrived.

    1.) Bradshaw .677 regular season, 14-5 postseason, 4-0 SB
    2.) Roethlisberger .667, 13-8, 2-1
    3.) O’Donnell .639, 3-4, 0-1
    4.) Stewart .613, 2-2, 0-0

    Before Terry got them there in his 3rd season, the team had ONE postseason game in 39 years of existence. THAT and 4 championship rings cements Terry Bradshaw as the Steelers GOAT QB. Yes, those teams had great defenses and playmakers on offense, but Roethlisberger inherited a great team, and could not have walked in to a better situation than he did.

  19. Terry’s got a point, but I don’t know if I could say that Ben’s accomplishments outweigh Bradhsaw’s. It’s closer than it appears, though. 3 Superbowls appearances to 4 is not bad at all. And Ben’s passing numbers are much better, especially this decade. But Bradshaw of course played in a much different era and was, contrary to popular belief, capable of putting up big passing numbers in crunch time. Bradshaw also has the obvious stat-4 SB wins, as opposed to a very laudable 2 for Roethlisberger.

    The biggest thing to me is that Bradshaw called his own plays. Roethlisberger does a lot of similar things today, but it’s a different era with a different environment for passing. Roethlisberger is a lot closer to Bradshaw than many may think in my opinion, and is more similar is how he plays as well, but Terry Bradshaw is still the best Steelers quarterback in their history.

    Considering the next best competitor is either Neil O’Donnell or Slash Stewart, I’d say the competition is certainly down to Bradshaw and Roethlisberger. Bobby Layne deserves a mention, despite only playing four years in Pittsburgh.

  20. Interesting praise from the quirky and often unpredictable Bradshaw as it’s no secret within football circles that he and Big Ben have never had much use for one another. For those psychologically enslaved in the past who’d prefer to disagree with his analysis, I’d urge you to instead embrace his honesty as a Steelers roster including both of them in their primes undoubtedly has Roethlisberger as the starter.

  21. Only one of the two was suspended on rape allegations that never stuck do to a cover up by the off duty state boy who was a weekend security guard. Any time one of these players that are brought up as being one of the greats; someone needs to remind the public what a worthless human they really are. Whether it be Adrian Peterson beating his son bloody with a switch or Ray Lewis covering up a murder their on the field prowess shouldn’t excuse their crimes. You can be dismissed of rape charges but that girl can never forget being raped.

  22. To me the more interesting question is who would be 3rd? O’Donnell or Stewart (or mark Malone, hee-hee)

  23. OMG enough with the whining about SB XL.

    In that game the Seahawks:

    Allowed a 75 yd TD run

    Allowed a trick play TD from a WR

    Missed two FGs

    Botched BOTH 2 minute drills

    Went 5-17 on 3rd down.

    Enough already. The Seahawks did NOT deserve to win the game. It had nothing to do with the refs.

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