Andrew Berry: Don’t assume we’re going to draft an offensive tackle

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The Browns addressed one tackle spot by signing former Titans right tackle Jack Conklin as a free agent and there have been plenty of predictions that they’ll add another one in this month’s draft.

A perusal of mock drafts finds the Browns linked to players like Mekhi Becton, Jedrick Wills and Andrew Thomas with the 10th overall pick. During a Friday conference call, General Manager Andrew Berry did his best to downplay the likelihood that the team will be selecting a prospective starter at left tackle with their top pick.

“I would not make any assumptions regarding that,” Berry said, via “Like I mentioned, Jack has played left tackle before. Chris Hubbard has played left tackle before. Kendall Lamm has played left tackle. I would not make any assumptions about what we may or may not do moving forward. My goal is to make sure that we are adding talent across the roster and adding competition across the roster. That is something that we are looking forward to continuing to do over the next several months.”

No one would expect Berry to give away the team’s plans for the draft ahead of time, but their spot in the draft order, their need at left tackle and the collection of prospects at the position makes a move in that direction a sensible one.

10 responses to “Andrew Berry: Don’t assume we’re going to draft an offensive tackle

  1. They better be drafting an OT. Mayfield regressed largely because of poor protection. If the line isn’t improved the Brown’s have little shot at making the playoffs.

    The clock is ticking on Mayfield’s rookie contract. With a new coach it’s unlikely they’re making a Super Bowl run this year. But, next year they need to be all in.

    This is Myles Garrett’s 4th year and he’ll soon be one of the highest paid players at his position. Finances are about to become must tighter. It’s time to draft need (OT) over best man available. It’s now or never for the Browns.

  2. Please grab Isaiah Simmons. Down 2 LB’s do to free agency. Nabbed a few safeties and corner. Simmons is special player we can grow around and plays multiple positions. We need a play maker like him and hopefully be around for a long time. Also, sign Trent and this pick makes sense. Stay healthy, God bless, and go browns

  3. Since we are now firmly entrenched in lying season, for him to say anything else, he just wouldn’t be doing his job.

  4. You can bet the farm that the Browns will be taking an OT. All teams lie about what players they will take tin the draft. It’s part of the annual dance where teams try to get the players that they want by saying that they are not interested in those players.

  5. I assume they’ll either draft one or trade for one. To do nothing at that position would malpractice for a GM. You’ve got to do everything you can to help your QB succeed.

  6. If Simmons is available (not likely though), I wouldn’t take a tackle either! With at least (3) QB’s and Young, Okudah, Simmons gone that creates (3) wildcards and the best tackles for the zone run scheme may not be there. They may be trying to wait out Washington on Trent Williams, if that’s the case trade for Williams, trade up for Simmons, cut Vernon and sign Clowney off-season complete.

  7. I don’t see the difference between LT and RT anymore. Obviously, then, RT more important for Boomer, Young, Vick and Tua. But is it? Some guys have an amazing internal clock and peripheral vision.

    As a righthander, I preferred playing LCB because it just felt more comfortable. Sanders was a Lefty and he played RCB.

    As a WR, I felt more comfortable playing WR on the right, so I could hit the safety with my strong side (or absorb) going across the middle.

    I would think the Oline has a little bit to do with lefty/righty. A little, maybe not a lot.

    Plenty of guys were pegged as RT”s (run blocker) and drafted lower. Who was ever THAT much better than Erik Williams? He couldn’t play LT?

  8. Gee, wasn’t Joe Thomas the Browns 1st pick in his class, seemed to have worked out pretty good for them, I rest my case !!!

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