First ever PFT video mailbag from the barn

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Ever since we (not me personally) transformed the barn from dirt-floor horse stalls into a whiskey-and-cigar hangout (which after four years smells like spilled whiskey and stale cigars), I’ve wanted to move PFT Live from the Z-brick set in the attic of the garage down the hill.

That hasn’t happened and can’t happen because the ceilings are too low for a real TV set, but thanks to the combination of a cell phone device, Zoom video conferencing, and a new tripod with a giant round light that fell over onto my foot while I was setting everything up and somehow didn’t break, Friday’s #PFTPM included the first ever video mailbag from the barn.

Plenty of good questions were posed, and most received marginally comprehensible answers. In the future, we may do it again from other spots in the barn so you can see more of what’s down there.

So check it out. The questions are actually good, the answers get a C+, and the whole thing is part of our shared distraction from the stuff happening in the real word.

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  1. I totally agree with your take on Spring Football. I have never been interested with any of the start up leagues that have come along over the years. I am actually glad there is an off season for the NFL because it allows me to do things I need to be doing. I am a passionate fan and invest much time and energy into the NFL season. The only type of football league that would draw my interest and MIGHT WORK, would be if a competitor to the NFL emerged playing old school football. Don’t overdue it allowing even more violence than the old NFL, but just stick with what the NFL used to be. a league where you could hit the QB’s, hit the WR’s, and play aggressively at the line of scrimmage. I don’t know if spring would work, it might. The new league might have to overlap the NFL season a little bit.

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