Henry Ruggs “a little disappointed” with his 4.27-second 40-yard dash

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Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs ran a 4.27-second 40-yard dash in February, the fastest time at this year’s Scouting Combine and one of the fastest ever. But he wasn’t satisfied.

Ruggs said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he has run faster than that in training and was expecting to run faster in Indianapolis.

“I actually was a little disappointed,” Ruggs said. “Just a lot of technical things I did during the run. . . . But I’m still glad to be known as one of the fastest ever.”

Ruggs has watched the tape of his 40 and seen what he could have done better.

“After the re-start I was thinking a lot and didn’t really come out of my start like I wanted to, didn’t really come out fluid, and didn’t really push on my first two steps,” Ruggs said. “Then, running with my hands closed kind of tensed me up so I couldn’t really open up like I wanted to.”

Now Ruggs is still working on his speed, but with gyms closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, he says his approach to working out is “just find me a good patch of grass and do what I can.”

Ruggs is a likely high first-round pick, and some NFL team will want him running on its patch of grass for years to come.

11 responses to “Henry Ruggs “a little disappointed” with his 4.27-second 40-yard dash

  1. Unfortunately, the Cards seem satisfied with the offensive linemen they have evrn though they got Murray beat up far too much.
    Fortunately, with the 8th pick, they can pick Ruggs who is FAST and has GREAT HANDS that catches everything.

  2. “A lot of guys look good in their underwear”- Chuck Noll. Game speed ain’t track speed. Adrenaline and equipment, angles and schemes mitigate many great combine workouts. Game film is the only true measurement of football ability. Renaldo Neihmiah didn’t translate to the field. More recently, John Ross. How fast are you when they’re chasing you and you’re holding a ball?

  3. Disappointed with 4.27😌

    I like this player a lot, but he is actually happy with that 4.27 and so are many teams in the NFL looking for a WR that can fly.

    Did Ruggs want a 4.25? IDK, but 4.27 and 4.25 are the same to me..He is lightning!

  4. I am not buy buying this guy. Guys with track star speed… oftentimes that isn’t enough. Straight line speed is rarely utilized. It’s good to have but rarely is a guy running straight ahead with no obstacle. John Ross, Dri Archer most recently are examples. If you look at the top 10 combine running times ever only Champ Bailey and Chris Johnson had great, long careers.

  5. He’s kinda got the rep of a 1 trick pony speed guy but he’s far from that. He can run thru tackles and make people miss. Go watch his basketball tape. Guy is just an athletic freak in every way.

  6. @kingbags

    Totally agree. And don’t forget his huge hands and those those outfielder glove sized hands don’t drop a lot of passes.

    Ruggs didn’t put up better numbers in college because he played with Jerry Jeudy who is the best WR in the draft. Ruggs is a very good WR.

    Is Ruggs a player that can come in and make a bad team a good team? No. Is Ruggs a freak athlete with great hands who has plenty of wiggle and could be that #2 WR that puts a very good team over the top and into the Super Bowl?


  7. I think He may have the best hands of any WR in this draft. Those are some big hands snatching the ball. Its been said He had 1 drop in college. Think I believe it. Is He 100 catch guy? No. But 60 with 1000 yards receiving 10 tds, I could see it. When asked showed maybe the best return ability in this draft. Will be top 20, maybe top 15 pick.

  8. Ruggs is going the blow the doors off whoever goes against him. Playing behind Jeudy only made him hungrier. If it weren’t for the injury to Tua, he would have had better stats. The key to Ruggs is that he’s a good route runner and a good blocker. Combine that with his speed and you have a receive who will be coverage early, catch the ball and burn to the endzone. Passing on him will a bunch of gm’s fired for sure.

  9. I’d prefer a guy that might be a little slower than Ruggs, but has the moves to lose defenders. Some of the best WRs of all time weren’t the fastest at the 40.

    Jerry Rice ran a 4.59

    IMO, the best WRs are the ones that can come down with the ball in a 50/50 chance. They are the ones that can “break” the ankles of defenders, with great moves. And let’s not forget blocking. If a WR can block well, he’s more valuable to the team than just a guy that can run fast.

    The best WR would be the fastest guy that also has the moves, but that is very rare.

  10. radar8 says:
    April 11, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    The best WR would be the fastest guy that also has the moves, but that is very rare.

    Calvin Johnson. The speed, the moves AND the size.

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