LeSean McCoy wants to play two more seasons

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In early March came word that LeSean McCoy wouldn’t return to the Chiefs for a second season, but that he intended to play in 2020. The running back, though, remains without a team.

Will anyone give McCoy a chance to play a 12th season? McCoy seems to think so.

“I have a couple teams that I’m looking at,” McCoy said in a recent interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, via NFL.com. “I’m just waiting for the right moment. This stuff is tricky right now, because there’s no visits. There’s no real activities with the teams as much as it used to be. The thing I can control is just making the right choice, going to an offense that fits. I want to go to a team that’s a winning franchise that have all the right pieces that’s waiting for me. The teams I’m looking at right now are those teams. I look forward to probably after the draft or right before the draft, signing on with a team.”

McCoy played 13 games last season, seeing action on 295 offensive snaps with 129 touches. He played only one snap in the postseason, inactive for the AFC Championship Game and Super Bowl.

McCoy has not had a 1,000-yard season since 2017 when he earned his sixth Pro Bowl nod. In the two seasons since he turned 30, McCoy has 324 touches for 1,398 yards and eight touchdowns.

He set career-lows in yards from scrimmage in back-to-back seasons, with 752 in 2018 and 646 in 2019.

Yet, McCoy insists he still has more football in his future.

“I really just want to play two more years,” McCoy said. “If it doesn’t go well, just let your body talk to you. My body feels fine.”

McCoy made the all-decade team for the 2010s, joining Frank Gore, Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson on the elite squad.

16 responses to “LeSean McCoy wants to play two more seasons

  1. Such confident comments. He clearly knows that teams will pay him minimum vet wages, but I’m just as confident he can’t & won’t just pick his team and get a nice, big contract.

  2. I’d be interested to know what happened behind the scenes in KC. He fumbled a few times and really cost the team, but aside from those few plays he still looked extremely explosive. He was crucial when Damien Williams was struggling with injuries and then suddenly wasn’t even worthy of being active. But he never complained and seemed to genuinely be a good teammate.

    Wish him the best, based on what I saw he can definitely contribute next year for someone.

  3. I can see trying to get another year or two of salary in the bank before retiring, but I wouldn’t want to see McCoy get beat up. He’s had a good career. He doesn’t have anything he needs to prove. There was maybe a 2-3 year period where he was the best RB in football. Not everyone can say that.

  4. A 13 year vet thinks he’s the missing piece in a puzzle to complete a winning team? He’ll be a 2nd or 3rd string backup for the minimum or close to it.

  5. Jeff Lurie wants in back in Philly to atone for Chip Kelly’s error. McCoy wants to return to the Eagles. Pederson will use him sparingly – but effectively.

  6. He’ll have more impact on a team as a running back’s coach, than an actual active running back.

  7. He’s 32 with a lifetime of carries and coming off lower body injuries. Just retire, Shady.

  8. Tim to hang it up, often injured, non productive, and can not play special teams. It’s over. Doubt anyone will sign him.

  9. Shady could still be a mentor/backup like Frank Gore has been, making the most of his opportunities ( 6-8 ) touches per game. He would have to come into camp knowing and accepting that would be his role.

  10. “A 13 year vet thinks he’s the missing piece in a puzzle to complete a winning team? He’ll be a 2nd or 3rd string backup for the minimum or close to it.”


    Shady might or might not be that guy, but sometimes a 2nd or 3rd string backup is the missing piece to put a team over the top. Ask Nick Foles. Heck, ask Mario Manningham or James Starks. David Tyree made the helmet catch and he never started in his life.

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