Tom Brady adds Tampa to TB12 expansion plans

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Tom Brady‘s post-football plans continue to center around TB12, an all-encompassing lifestyle and workout and nutrition company that has locations for now in Massachusetts only.

That will change, eventually. Via the Tampa Bay Business Journal, a spokesperson for TB12 says that the company’s expansion plans now include his new hometown of Tampa.

As of last year, TB12 intended to pursue 10 to 12 locations beyond Foxborough and Boston, including New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, with foreign cities like London and Tokyo also possible.

The longer Brady plays, the easier it will be for the TB12 brand to continue to build momentum. When (if) he retires, Brady will need to find another way to remain in the public eye. Although he’s never seemed to be inclined to get into broadcasting, that becomes the easiest way for him to maintain the kind of platform that will leverage the continued growth of TB12.

Then again, Brady may not need a platform to fuel his brand. Michael Jordan hasn’t played basketball in nearly 20 years, but his Air Jordan brand with Nike continues to generate huge money, racking up its first ever billion-dollar quarter in 2019.

12 responses to “Tom Brady adds Tampa to TB12 expansion plans

  1. Never bought air jordans, never will. Why? Because I don’t like mike. Overrated and egotistical. Same goes for tom.

  2. Really comparing the branding of Air Jordan athletic wear, to a string of regional health clubs? Health clubs turn over and lose lustre pretty quick, given real estate issues etc. Plus hes franchising all these TB12s out anyways.

    It’s a money grab while he can sucker people on, and more power to him and his weird business and health partner, but this boot licking of Brady is getting a bit much.

  3. 35% comp rate in the red zone in 2018.

    I’d hate to see what it was last year.

    This is why. Enjoy, Tampa.

  4. Jordan was the best ever to play his sport without cheating. I’m failing to see the comparison to Brady.

  5. Tom Brady and broadcasting in the same sentence – have you ever listened to the guy? He’s a flat liner with nothing to say. Per a previous post – my white noise machine is a better listen.

  6. This is who Tampa Bay Tommy is now. Makes it easier to understand why Bill moved on.

  7. I wish this guy (and his avacado cultist fanboys) would just go away.

    You know how you make him go away? You stop reading about him and posting about him. Can you do that or are too obsessed?

  8. 35% comp rate in the red zone in 2018.

    I’d hate to see what it was last year.

    This is why. Enjoy, Tampa.

    Yet the Pats had a 62.86% team Red Zone Scoring Percentage (TD only) ranked #12 in the league. He still led the offense to the end zone. Another cherry picked stat by you. Shocker. Remember, Edelman is #1 with 13 yards per punt return…

  9. 35% comp rate in the red zone in 2018.

    Another made up stat by you. I just did a simple research and pulled these stats out for Brady.

    Inside the 20

    2018 49-86 for 56.98% completion 18TD and 1INT

    2019 50-91 for 54.95 % completion 13TD and 2 INT

    How do you come up with your fictional stats? I am pulling directly from Pro Football Reference 2019 NFL Red Zone Passing Stats

  10. With Gisele and Tom Brady’s net worth estimated at over a half billion dollars, makes me wonder how much more money do they need?

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