Carli Lloyd still hopes to kick in the NFL some day

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Soccer star Carli Lloyd visited an NFL practice last summer, drilled a 55-yard field goal, and talk arose that she could become the first woman in the NFL. Lloyd remains interested, but the timing may not work out.

Lloyd knows she would need plenty of coaching on refining her skills to kick in the NFL, and during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not realistic for her to get that coaching. Then she’s focused on playing on the U.S. Olympic team in 2021.

“First and foremost I’m focusing on soccer at the moment, but I’ve always been a kid who loves a challenge,” Lloyd said, via Yahoo Sports. “I’ve never backed down from any challenge. I know with proper training and the right technique and someone showing me how to properly kick, I know I could do it. It may have to get pushed a year or two, we’ll see. I know the times right now are a little up in the air, so we’ll see. I’m not ruling it out. You never know.”

Given that Lloyd is 37 years old, she’d have to be considered an extreme long shot. It would be great to see a woman on an NFL field, but Lloyd probably won’t be the woman to do it.

14 responses to “Carli Lloyd still hopes to kick in the NFL some day

  1. Haters exaggerate her run-up but I counted 7 steps (some NFL men do 5). And crucially they ignore speed – she’s faster than many NFL kickers, maybe doing 7 steps in their 5-step time. And trained up she’d prob get it down to 5-step technique. And very few kickers do tackling. At 37 it’s almost certainly too late for her – but she demonstates that female potential is there.

  2. She needs to be able to kick field goals longer than 55 yards in order to have a shot at the NFL.

  3. If anyone would give this sideshow a go, it would be Bruce Arians. He, of the goofy hats, is more concerned with being PC than he is with winning.

  4. Until she gets trucked by a 245 pound LB on a botched snap FG attempt. Then she will claim gender discrimination after she breaks every bone in her body.

  5. The nfl and nba have allowed younger and less qualified female coaches and referees in the game. It wouldn’t surprise me for them to do the same with kickers.

    Imagine being more qualified and actually having a proven resume only to lose out on an opportunity because of your gender.

    If only there was a name for that…

  6. I just hope I’m actually watching the game when she has to attempt to recover a missed snap or blocked kick.

  7. I’d like to see it. She understands that she needs work. I think it’s much more attainable goal than playing a more contact heavy position, and she has the leg strength to at least earn a try-out.

    Of course, that leg strength takes a back seat to fundamental mechanics. That video is not useful since the laudable distance is undermined by the low trajectory and long “wind-up”. Fewer steps, lower trajectory so it doesn’t get blocked, and then she’ll have a shot. Kickers shouldn’t be relied on as tacklers, but any team that does sign her should realize the possibility of injury if she does get hit on a return. I think the publicity will outweigh that for some teams, and I think most players will avoid hitting her the same way they would a man. But, still, you cannot control that from happening, but if she is willing to take that chance and the team is willing to take the chance of a kicker injury, I could see it happening.

    What’s more likely, I think, is Lloyd helping in advising or training a younger woman to be the first NFL kicker. I don’t think that it will be an expansive phenomenon, but I am convinced that the NFL will have at least one regular season attempt by a female kicker in the next ten years. Maybe she’ll stick, maybe not, but it seems obvious that it will happen. And though she’s not there yet, I can’t fault Lloyd for trying.

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